Dr. Diana Avans, davans@vanguard.edu, (714-619-6462). PhD in Kinesiology/Psychology and Sociological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity, University of Minnesota, M.S. in Health and Physical Education, Oklahoma State University, B.S. in Health and Exercise Science, Oral Roberts University.Dr. Avans is back in California after a five year teaching position in Texas. Dr. Avans brings a wealth of experience in the fitness field as well as instruction in exercise science to VU. Her areas of expertise are in sociology and sport psychology, but she also has an extensive knowledge of nutrition, fitness assessment and prescritpion, and physical education. She is currently conducting research in the field of sport psychology and has presented at numerous conferences at the state and national level.
Dr. Terry Zeigler, tzeigler@vanguard.edu, (714-619-6464). ATC, Ed.D in Health Care Education, Nova Southeastern University; M.A. in Physical Education, emphasis in Athletic Training, San Diego State University; B.S. in Movement and Exercise Science, Chapman University. Dr. Zeigler has worked in the field of athletic training for over 20 years and has traveled internationally as an athletic trainer with Athletes in Action. Dr. Zeigler brings 20 years of experience into the classroom. Her areas of expertise include athletic training, rehabilitation, the management of bloodborne pathogens in sport. Dr. Zeigler’s text “Management of Bloodborne Infections in Sport” was published by Human Kinetics in 1997. Dr. Zeigler’s recent interest is in concussions and cheerleader safety. She also works extensively with the VU Health Center as its Interim Director. View Faculty Page
Dr. Dale Campbell, dale.campbell@vanguard.edu, (714-619-6463) D.A. in Physical Education, Middle Tennessee State University; M.Ed. and B.S. in Physical Education, University of Nevada. Dr. Campbell’s area of specialization is pedagogy along with significant experience in the area of leadership and administration. He combines college teaching and leadership experiences with 12 years of public school teaching and administration. Dr. Campbell has presented at numerous state and national conventions on a wide variety of topics in the pedagogy area. He has also published a Jogging text that he utilizes in his jogging/walking course taught here at Vanguard University.
Dr. Stephen Kelly, stephen.kelly@vanguard.edu, (714-619-6473).