The curriculum at VU was recently redesigned to be in compliance with the Commission on Teaching Credentialing in California. The Commission approved VU’s single subject preparation program in physical education in April, 2000. The curriculum was rewritten to include nine new courses. All of the combined courses together incorporate the new standards in physical education for California. The program is extensive, but is comprehensive in nature.

The curriculum is once again under review as the standards for physical education have been revised by the California Teaching Commission. The program underwent a self-study during the 2005-2006 academic year. Some of the changes in the program include the addition of an outdoor adventure/wilderness courseand an intentional increase in observation and practical experiences in teaching physical education in a variety of settings.

After graduation, the student can choose to pursue obtaining a Master’s degree in Education at Vanguard. The student will complete a number of required graduate level courses and then complete his/her student teaching. The selection of placement is carefully considered to maximize the optimal experience for the student. A number of schools have been identified as placements for student teachers because of their high quality physical education programs and teaching methodologies.