The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to equip students to become leaders capable of impacting their world for Christ. The program seeks to prepare competent professionals through personalized education in the classroom, research, and field-based experiences. The goal of the department is to develop independent, critical thinkers who possess an interdisciplinary education with an in-depth understanding of kinesiology in areas such as athletic training, fitness and performance training, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and disabilities, teaching physical education, and coaching.

Why Major in Kinesiology at VU?

  • Outstanding Teaching Faculty
  • Small Faculty to Student Ratio
  • Multiple “Hand’s On” Laboratory Experiences
  • Christian integration of Faith and Learning

The Kinesiology program is an integral component of the Undergraduate College. Kinesiology is defined by the American Academy of Kinesiology as “an academic discipline which involves the study of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life” (americankinesiology.org). It is a multifaceted discipline which prepares students for careers in the fitness and wellness industry, recreation, sport-related careers, teaching, coaching, allied health professions, clinical rehabilitation settings and others. It also prepares students for graduate study in kinesiology and professional programs in allied health and medicine.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students access the content of the Program through traditional and technologically-enhanced delivery of course lectures, laboratory activities, undergraduate research, supervised student practicum and clinical experiences, and guest speakers. Upon completion of the Program, graduates may pursue entry-level employment in the fields of coaching, fitness and wellness, recreation, or may pursue graduate programs across related disciplines.

The Program student learning outcomes that graduates from the Department of Kinesiology will be prepared to meet are:

(1) the ability to identify of critical issues relevant to the field of Kinesiology and the ability to use both oral and written communication in both academic and professional settings;

(2) the ability to administer assessments and interpret movement and performance data from lab, clinical, and field experiences to create effective, scientifically based physical activity and sport programs that address individual, community, and society needs;

(3) the ability to think critically through the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data, and the evaluation and application of current research literature;

(4) the ability to demonstrate relevant, marketable knowledge, skills, and dispositions to successfully enter the work force, graduate programs, and the lifelong learning process.



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VU provides its students with the opportunity for hands-on experience in fully equipped labs starting as early as the freshman year. This is unique to a small school setting and an advantage for the student seeking a profession in the sports science field where experience is a key factor in future employment.

The Human Performance laboratory has the equipment necessary to measure cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and strength. Biomechanical, nutrition, cognitive  and other health assessments are possible through specialized equipment and software.

The athletic training room provides the possibility for volunteer hours to learn preventative and post-injury athletic taping, emergency care of acute injuries, a wide variety of modalities used for rehabilitative purposes, and a wide spectrum of conditioning techniques. The newly established VU Health Center also affords volunteer and work opportunities.


VU offers the advantage of being located in Orange County, an area with abundant opportunities in the fitness  and health care industry. The Kinesiology curriculum will provide the student with the opportunity to intern in an area specific to the student’s career during his/her junior or senior year.