Vanguard University’s Student Employment office seeks to create a working environment which integrates Christian values, professionalism, and the necessary skills that will enable students to achieve success within the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have a question that was not answered on this site, please email us at HR@VANGUARD.EDU and we’ll be happy to assist you!

1. How do I find an on-campus job at Vanguard?

When you have your Vanguard email address, you will be able to access all on-campus jobs on Lions Link (as well as off-campus jobs and internship opportunities). Go to to create your Lions Link account. In this competitive economy, it is a good idea to sign up for email alerts and text messages, to be the first to find out about new jobs.

Once you register you can search for jobs by your interests, location, and other key words. You can apply for jobs you’re interested in directly through Lions Link.

For resume, cover letter and interview skills assistance, visit Career Services in Scott 227 .

2. Who is eligible to work on campus?

Enrolled Vanguard University students.

Student employees must carry a minimum of 6 units of course work in each of the Fall and Spring semesters at Vanguard University unless it is the semester that the student will graduate.

Student employees must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. If he/she does not maintain a 2.0 grade point average, the student will be ineligible to work until the student can provide proof from the Office of the Registrar that their cumulative grade point average has reached 2.0.

3. After being hired, what’s the next step?

Prior to beginning employment, the student must have completed and returned their hiring forms (click here) to the Human Resources Department (Smith Annex, Building 14a). Please note that he/she will need to:

  • Bring proof of eligibility to work such as Social Security card and valid Driver’s License or Passport/Visa documentation. Copies of documents are not accepted.
  • *International students may provide (F-1 visa) and must bring their I-20, Passport and Social Security card. Copies of documents are not accepted.

Once the hiring forms and forms of identification have been provided to the Human Resources Department we will send the student and their supervisor an email notification of their readiness to begin work on campus.

4. How many hours can I expect to work?

It is recommended that all undergraduate students limit their work to 20 hours per week on campus when classes are in session, and 40 hours per week when classes are not in session. However, this guideline is a federal requirement for non-immigrant students attending on F-1 visas.

5. How and when do I get paid?

Student employees will record their hours electronically via Paychex, Vanguard’s time and labor system.

Instructions on how to create and use your Paychex account will be sent to the student employee via email. Student employees and their supervisors will be required to approve their time for each pay period by 5pm on the payroll deadline listed on the Payroll Schedule (click here).

Vanguard pays in arrears. Paychecks are issued semi-monthly and can be picked up from your department supervisor on the 1st and the 16th of every month.

If the pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, the checks will be available on the business day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Please reference the Payroll Schedule for a list of pay periods and check dates for the year.

6. Are there breaks?

Student employees are allowed a paid rest period of ten minutes in each of the morning and afternoon work periods if the work period is four or more hours. Rest periods may not be skipped to reduce time from regular hours of work in order to leave work early.

Student employees are not required to work more than five hours without a meal break of 30 minutes. If the total work period for the day is not more than six hours, then the meal period may be waived by mutual consent between the student employee and the supervisor. Meal time is unpaid and may be 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the department’s schedule.

7. What about overtime and holiday pay?

Due to the workload at peak times, a student employee’s supervisor may ask him or her to work beyond the normal shift. Vanguard University shall pay overtime pay for overtime worked in accordance with the requirements of state and federal law. Overtime is based only on actual hours worked as required. Overtime is extremely rare and should be approved prior to the student employee working overtime hours.

Effective January 1, 2000, as defined by the state labor laws and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, student employees will have overtime paid as follows:

Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 times the regular hourly rate for:

  • More than 8 hours worked in one day, up to and including 12 hours
  • More than 40 hours worked in one week
  • The seventh consecutive workday of up to and including 8 hours worked

Overtime is paid at 2 times the regular hourly rate for:

  • More than 12 hours worked in one day
  • More than 8 hours worked for the seventh consecutive workday

Vanguard University’s work week is from Sunday to Saturday.
Student employees are not awarded paid holidays. However, if a supervisor authorizes work on a holiday, the students will receive 1 1/2 time for working on Vanguard holidays.

8. What are my responsibilities as a student worker?

When you are hired for a position at Vanguard, you are making a serious commitment. The department that has hired you will also depend on you to perform specific duties. Therefore, notify your supervisor promptly if you have a change of schedule, if you are sick or if you are going to be late. When you are unable to work, it is important to let your supervisor know at the beginning of the work day. Just as with any position off-campus, you will be expected to be prompt, reliable, dependable, and willing to perform the work required. Should you decide to resign, it will be important to give your supervisor a reasonable notice of termination.

9. What about taxes?

FICA (Social Security and Medicare) and DI (Disability Insurance) are not deducted from on-campus student employees who are enrolled in 6 or more units at Vanguard University and do not regularly work more than 20 hours per week. However, if a student works on campus when school is not in session, and is not enrolled in a class at Vanguard, the law requires that the FICA and DI be deducted from the student paychecks.

Students attending Vanguard on non-immigrant (F1) visas are FICA and DI exempt.

10. Is there a dress code?

Each student employee represents the University and is often in contact with some segment of the public. In representing the University, a student employee’s personal appearance is very important. Therefore, the University expects student employees to be well groomed and conservative in choosing their clothing, hairstyle, make-up, and accessories.

11. What happens if I am injured on the job?

If you are injured on the job, let your supervisor know immediately that you have been injured. The supervisor should immediately contact the Campus Safety and the Human Resources offices to report the injury. If the injury requires urgent attention, the injured worker should go to the nearest emergency medical facility for care. If the injury is life threatening, call 911 immediately, and contact Campus Safety at ext. 6799, so that they may direct any emergency vehicles to the right location. All work-related injuries must be reported to the Human Resources office within 24 hours.

List of Urgent Care Centers and Hospitals near Vanguard University

12. Will my work performance be evaluated?

Supervisors are encouraged to evaluate student employees and provide raises based upon merit. The evaluation tends to be a valuable tool in helping student employees find out how they are doing on their jobs and acts as a means of communication between the student and the supervisor.

13. How do I apply for Federal Work Study?

Students can find out if they are eligible for Federal Work Study by meeting with their Financial Aid Counselor. Please visit the Financial Aid Office.
Federal Work Study is considered taxable income, not a scholarship.

14. What is America Reads?

America Reads is a program initiative developed by the Federal Government to provide Federal Work Study funds to colleges and universities for college students to tutor children in elementary schools. These tutors provide individualized attention to elementary aged students with a focus on reading and math. For more information on participating in America Reads, contact