Employee Policies

Credentialed ministers who serve as faculty members, adjunct professors, or administrators/staff at the Director level or above and/or whose position requires the execution of sacerdotal duties, may request a portion of their salary be designated as housing allowance. Allowances may be renewed on an annual basis. Housing Allowance Request Forms may be obtained through the Office for the Vice President for Business & Finance at the start of each academic year.

Certificates of Insurance

When members of the University conduct business or participate in off-campus activities, vendors and venues often request proof of VU’s general liability coverage. In such cases, VU’s insurance provider issues a certificate of insurance to that vendor/venue. Please submit the following form to the Office for the Vice President for Business & Finance.

If an off-campus group/business has requested to use University facilities, the University requires a certificate of insurance from all outside groups using University facilities. The following provides instructions on requesting a certificate. Please forward all certificates received to the Office for the Vice President for Business & Finance.

  • Certificate of Insurance Directions

Driver Authorizations

Members of the Vanguard community may be authorized to drive university owned vehicles and/or rented vehicles.  Drivers must meet the criteria outlined in the University Driver Policy and Procedure and must receive authorization from Vanguard University and it’s insurance carrier before operating a vehicle for business purposes.  Authorizations take approximately one week to process, and must be obtained annual.  Authorization will remain in effect one calendar year from the first day of the fall semester, or until the driver’s DMV license expires, whichever comes first.  From more information, please contact the Office for the Vice President for Business & Fiance at (714) 966-5484, or via email.

General Accident | Incident Report

In the event of an injury, property damage, theft or other incident, please complete a General Accident/Incident Report.

Cell Phone Policies and Procedures

Records and Property