Employee Policies

Certificates of Insurance

When members of Vanguard University conduct business or participate in off-campus activities, vendors and venues often request proof of the university’s general liability coverage. In such cases, VU’s insurance provider issues a certificate of insurance to that vendor/venue. To request a certificate of insurance please contact the Office of the CFO.

If an off-campus group/business requests to use Vanguard University’s facilities, a certificate of insurance is required. Please contact Office of the CFO for more information.

Driver Authorizations

Any persons, including faculty, staff, students and volunteers who intend to drive for university purposes (i.e. general business, extended business, missions trips, outreach tours etc.) must meet the criteria outlined in the University Driver Policy and must receive authorization from the Office of the CFO and the university’s insurance carrier before operating a vehicle for business purposes.  Authorizations take approximately 1-2 weeks to process and must be obtained annually. Authorizations will remain in effect one calendar year from the first day of the fall semester, or until the driver’s DMV license expires and/or automobile insurance expires, whichever comes first.  From more information, please contact the Office of the CFO at (714) 966-5484, or via email.

General Accident | Incident Report

A General Accident/Incident Report should be completed by any staff or faculty member who is notified of a general accident or incident occurring on campus.

Items include but are not limited to: slips, trips, fall, property damage, theft and injuries.

General Accident/Incident Report.