Introducing Paychex

To all Vanguard employees:

As we strive to embrace continuous improvement as a way of life at Vanguard, we want to make you aware of an exciting, significant change in our HR Administration, payroll processing and time keeping systems. Vanguard has recently contracted with Paychex, a leading major market payroll/HR solutions company to automate much of the transactional work in the HR and payroll areas. This means that several of the manual processes done by HR/payroll and most related transactions inside Colleague will shift to Paychex, such as, tax filing, w-2 reporting, processing/printing of paychecks, time keeping (elimination of paper time sheets/cards), and selected HR administration for hiring, status changes, and report writing. The efficiencies gained by this conversion will serve Vanguard well on many levels, and move us to a place we have long needed to be. Some of those benefits to Vanguard are . . .

• Automate the time keeping system, significantly reducing the amount of paper and manual work required each pay period by everyone who completes or authorizes time sheets/cards, and the corresponding manual transactions that ensue inside the HR/pre-payroll and payroll functions.
• Shift the calculating and reporting of taxes, w-2’s, check production, new hire and other state reporting, and several other requirements, allowing HR and payroll to have a more regular, predictable, and reasonable schedule, resulting in more value added contribution to Vanguard.
• Shift HR transactional functions to a fully integrated web based system (time & attendance, HR, payroll), enabling more and better HR services to the Vanguard community.
• Centralize and house all record keeping and HR forms for easy access and delivery

There are many other benefits and efficiencies gained by this move, which you will be hearing about as we get closer to going live with the new system. The goal and intent is to make this as seamless as possible for all of you, and to that end, there will be training for staff on the new time keeping system, and in how to access information from the new system. You will find it to be very user friendly.

The work behind the scenes has already begun, and the implementation/project lead on Vanguards end is Abby Kushner, our Sr. Payroll Specialist. She may be in contact with you should she need information or to have you as a resource during the integration, so thanks in advance for responding and being available to share information and attend a meeting or two en route to a timely and successful transition to Paychex.

That’s about it for now . . . more communication on the progress of the implementation, along with an anticipated schedule for training is forthcoming. Should you have any questions about the project, feel free to contact Joe Baffa or Abby Kushner.

As always, thanks for your support and encouragement during this transition.

In His Peace,


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