Dance Battles, Acoustic Love Songs and Swooning Ladies Mean One Thing at Vanguard University: Woofest

Woofest 2014With a theme resembling The Bachelorette, the men of Huntington Hall battled with dance and song to capture the hearts of the women of Vanguard University on Nov. 20 at the annual Woofest.

Dressed to the nines, as they say these days, Vanguard’s women strutted their heels over to Newport Mesa Church around 9 p.m. for a night of wooing. Greeted by a fountain, photo shoot and red carpet, the night was set for romance. As the men continued to escort ladies to their seats, every chair filled. By 9:30 p.m., the event’s scheduled start time, it was standing room only.

First up, second floor resident assistant (RA) Jonathan Schalembier’s floor took the stage. Dressed in black slacks, button-up shirts and red suspenders, they were ready to woo. In the weeks leading to this moment, the men of second floor put in hours of dance practice and vocals work. “It was pretty intense,” Schalembier said, “You want to put out something you can be proud of and that takes a lot of work.”

Looking back on the show, Schalembier said he was “really happy with the final result.” Most importantly, Schalembier wanted to give credit to the life-saving help he received in choreographing his floor’s dance. He wanted to thank theater students, Austin Nunn and Winter Bassett, for their amazing choreography work. Putting on Woofest is a “really big team effort,” Schalembier said. “It’s way more fun when you have people who are willing to help and support,” he added.

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