Ample Opportunities

Michael Avila

Hi my name is Michael Avila. I’m from Moreno Valley in California and I just finished my sophomore year at Vanguard University as a Psychology major.


What brought me to Vanguard was the exceptional community that was full of genuine and unique people. I saw an opportunity to be a part of a family rather than just being another number among faces. Upon visiting the campus I immediately felt like this was a place where I belonged. I quickly attained a sense of pride in the university I was going to attend.


I have loved growing in my relationship with God and with other people. I have had ample opportunities that I know I would not have received without being at Vanguard. I have been able to experience and perceive different ways of life through the people that God has placed around me and made genuine friendships that I know will follow me through the rest of my life.


Receiving financial aid has helped me by simply allowing me to be able to attend Vanguard University. Without the financial aid that I receive, I would not have the opportunity
to further my education past a high school diploma.

I have been able to increase my learning within not only academics, but the arts as well. Financial aid has also supported me within my musical abilities. I get the chance to make something better of myself that I might one day be able to better serve God and His people. I appreciate the way in which God has used such generous donors to further expand His kingdom and bring Him eternal glory.


After I graduate, I plan to go on to graduate school and earn my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I find that family is the most important aspect in a person’s life and I have seen what it is like when a family is disconnected. I want marriages to reveal the true love of God that they are meant to reside in. I desire for families to seek God in all areas of life attributing to children so that they can grow to be outstanding adults. I also plan to consistently be involved in my church within the children’s ministry, praying that it continues to grow and helps to teach and raise up children in the ways of the Lord.


Vanguard Singers and BandWithin the past 2 years in my time at Vanguard, I have grown in my relationship with the Lord more than the previous 17 years of my life. I have been able to take the standards that I was blessed to be raised with and adopt them as my own, rather than just being under the wing of my parents. God has taught me to see the diversity that lies within His people as we all come from different denominations, backgrounds, cultures, and societies. He has allowed me to go through hell and back to see the beauty of His majesty that resides all around me. I see God, more than ever, as my healer, savior, shepherd, deliverer, redeemer, strength, and provider. Because of the spiritual emphasis that Vanguard places on not only within chapel and prayer, but through our education as well, I am able to reap the benefits.


I cannot be thankful enough for the participation that I am allowed to have through academics and music here at Vanguard University. This summer, I had the fortunate opportunity to go on a mission’s trip with the Vanguard Singers and Band to Europe for 3 and a half weeks. We went to 8 different countries to share our talents and the love of God to people across the world. We also served in orphanages and took evangelistic opportunities to proclaim and glorify the name of the Lord. It is opportunities like these that I get to be a part of with the generous help of Vanguard University donors.


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