HPS Students Receive Awards

IMG_2131IMG_2154The University Awards Chapel was held on April 21, 2016.  Three students from the History & Political Science Department received awards at this ceremony.  The recipient of the Pi Sigma Alpha Award for the Outstanding Student in Political Science was Naomi Blagaila.  The Phi Alpha Theta Award for the Outstanding Student in History was shared by two students, Cassidee Platner and Isaac Swanson.  These award recipients will have their names engraved on perpetual plates in the Social Science Office.

2016 Spring Colloquium

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe 27th Annual Social Sciences Spring Colloquium was held on April 18, 2016.  This is a night of oral presentations featuring outstanding student research papers from Anthropology, Sociology, History & Political Science and Psychology majors.  Isaac Swanson was selected from the History & Political Science Department to present his paper “Knights in Shining Armor or Thugs with a Sword:  The Shattering of the Medieval Myth.”  Excellent presentation Isaac!


Write for Rights Award

In December 2015, Dr. Kristen Lashua’s History of Human Rights class organized a letter-writing chapel through Amnesty International in support of Teodora del Carmen Vasquez, a woman wrongfully imprisoned in El Salvador.  (See post dated February 2, 2016.)  The Individuals at Risk Program of AIUSA recently presented Dr. Lashua and her class the “Write for Rights Letter-Writing Award – Classroom.”  Congratulations to the class for this recognition of their work to advance the cause of human rights.


HPS faculty and students attend 2016 PAT Conference

PAT Group 2016 1History professors Dr. John Wilson and Dr. Kristen Lashua along with two history majors, Vanessa Lopez and Isaac Swanson, attended the 2016 Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference at California Lutheran University on April 9, 2016.  Vanessa and Isaac both presented papers.  Vanessa’s paper was titled “Mexico–Authoritarianism Under Democratic Rule” and Isaac’s was “Taking the Soul Out of War: The Process of Dehumanization.”  In addition, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lashua each moderated a panel discussion.

WWII Veterans Speak in U.S. History Classes


On April 8, 2016, Dr. Kristen Lashua’s U.S. History classes had the opportunity to hear veterans talk about their experiences serving in World War II.

Bob Davis (pictured above), was a gunner and radioman on a B-24, and served in the European Theatre.  Mr. Davis’s plane was shot down over enemy territory and he survived a grueling ordeal as a POW in Nazi Germany. He is the author of the book Before I Forget.

Dave Hayward (not pictured), pilot of B-25s, flew 53 combat missions in the Pacific Theatre. He is the author of the book A Young Man in the Wild Blue Yonder

Both men had incredible stories to tell. It’s oral history at its best!


Write for Rights

Write for Rights Event 2This past December, the seventeen students of Dr. Lashua’s History of Human Rights class put on a special Write for Rights chapel. Instead of taking a final exam, students got to use their knowledge of the history of human rights activism gained through the class to become human rights activists today. The chapel was completely organized by students: they planned the evening, advertised for the event, spoke during the chapel, and helped members of the Vanguard community write letters in support of Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, a woman wrongfully imprisoned in El Salvador. By holding this chapel, students in the class multiplied their impact by more than fivefold, as they ended up with very nearly one hundred letters in support of Teodora. A spokesperson for Amnesty International, which organizes Write for Rights events across the globe, wrote Dr. Lashua to recognize the “great letters written for Teodora by students at Vanguard University,” which will advance the cause of human rights “in such a powerful way.” Through holding this chapel, students in the History of Human Rights class followed the charge in Isaiah 1:17 to “seek justice [and] defend the oppressed.”

VU Forum Discussion Night

The VU Forum (Political Awareness Club) will host a discussion night on the topic “Law Enforcement and Personal Freedom” on Tuesday, September 22, at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Commission Hall.  All students are welcome to attend.

The VU Forum Thanks You for Your Support!

The Vanguard University Forum (Political Awareness Club) in partnership with the Department of History and Political Science and the Office of Social Sciences would like to thank the VU Community for its continued support of our student organization in its second year running. The Club’s goal is to present various perspectives through different outlets and help our peers understand and articulate their views on relevant issues and values that affect our everyday lives. In this past school year alone, we have hosted eight political discussion nights, four movie nights, two student debates, two professor debates, and a voter registration month. Blessings everyone, and have an awesome summer vacation.

VU Forum Cabinet

Picture L-R: Vanessa Lopez (Chairwoman), Jared Agtunong (Vice-Chairman), Joshua Hummel (Discussion Nights Coordinator), Dr. Kevin Walker (Faculty Advisor), Hannah Scheenstra (Events Coordinator), Mikayla Jacobson (Historian), Consuelo Yazmin Guzman (Treasurer) *2014-2015 Cabinet Members

Top Students Receive Awards

IMG_1036IMG_1045The History & Political Science Department proudly presented awards to two seniors at the University Awards Chapel on April 23, 2015.

The Phi Alpha Theta Award went to Justin Burtis as the Outstanding History Student.

The Outstanding Political Science Student, Isabel Carpenter, received the Pi Sigma Alpha Award.