HIST 156C • United States History (3 units)
A study of the United States from colonial times to the present, seeking to help the student develop an understanding of the growth of the institutions and culture of the nation, and gain insight into the similarities and differences of people of different times, classes, and ethnicity. Strongly recommended as a prerequisite for upper division U.S. History courses.

HIST 203C, 204C • World Civilizations I, II (3, 3 units)
Emphasizes the development of the basic ideas, institutions, individuals, and the outstanding cultural, economic, political, and social movements that have shaped humanity from ancient times. The course divides in 1648. Students may take either course to fulfill the core curriculum requirement. Strongly recommended as a prerequisite for upper division non-U.S. History courses.

HIST/POLS 262 • Research Methods in History and Political Science (3 units)
Prerequisite:  ENGL 120C and, when required, a passing grade in CORE 102C.  Writing intensive class which will teach students proper research techniques and the different aspects of History and Political Science scholarship. Class will focus on how to write a major research paper, book reviews, and other scholarly works. Prerequisite for upper-division History and Political Science courses. Satisfies ENGL 220C requirement.  Students are expected to take HIST/POLS 262, but if ENGL 220C was taken before a History & Political Science major was declared, it will be an acceptable substitution.  Must be passed with a “C” (not a “C-” or better to fulfill the core curriculum requirement.

HIST 302 • Twentieth-Century Europe (3 units)
The history of Europe in the twentieth century and beyond, including political, military, economic, religious, social, and intellectual aspects.

HIST 310 • History of Baseball (3 units)
A study of America’s national pastime from its mythical beginnings to its 21st-century role in American society. Includes political, sociological, economic, literary, and statistical elements.

HIST 316/EDUC 315 • Teaching History in a Multicultural Setting (3 units)
Students seeking to complete the subject matter program in Social Science must take this class as part of that program to ensure that they are integrating historical content with their pedagogical experience. This course provides the philosophical background and classroom experience necessary to introduce a person to the teaching profession in a public or private school in a multicultural environment. The purpose of the class is to assist the student to gain an understanding of the resources and challenges facing a teacher serving a linguistically and culturally diverse student population. Discussion will focus on the major professional organizations and educational research related to the philosophical, historical, and demographic developments of American education. Students will complete a 30-hour field work component to observe classroom management and organization, Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE) instructional practices, and the curricula of grades K-12. The role and function of Christian beliefs and values in the public school will be integrated throughout the course. This course is a prerequisite requirement for the Single Subject Credential Program. Lab fee.

HIST/ANTH 317 • Modern China (3 units)
A study of the political and social history of China from the mid-nineteenth century, when European aggression forced on a path to modernization, to the present.

HIST 319 • Imperial China (3 units)
A study of the political and social history of China from earliest times until the mid-nineteenth century.

HIST 322 • History of England (3 units)
A study of English history from the advent of the Tudors until the present, emphasizing the development of ideas and significant political, social, and economic institutions.

HIST 325 • History of Africa (3 units)
The historical development of the continent of Africa with primary emphasis upon Africa south of the Sahara, presenting an overview from the prehistory of Africa up to the present political development of the continent.

HIST/ANTH 339 • Area Studies: [Topical Area] (3 units)
Area Studies is an intensive examination of specific regions of the world. Each course gives a brief survey of the region with attention to cultural history, ethnicity, family structure, political organization, technology, social structure, ethnopsychology, economics, and ideologies present within the region. Issues of cultural difference and commonality, regional minority sub-cultural groups, and the role that this plays within “global” culture are also addressed. (This course may be repeated for credit.)

Areas of study in the rotation may include: Latin America, Pacific Rim, Japan, Middle East, Oceania, East Asia, South East Asia, China, Korea, Northern Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, and North America Diaspora.

CHIS 340 • Late Roman and Byzantine Empires (3 units)
Begining in the late third century, this course covers the major people, places, events, and movements of the Roman Empire until its destruction by the Ottoman Turks in 1453. Emphasizes the life and beliefs of the Orthodox Church and its relationship to Western Christianity.

HIST 345 • The Birth of Modern Europe (3 units)
Traces the development of ideas and events in Europe that shattered the old order and created modernity.  Major topics include the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, liberal political revolutions, the industrial revolution, nationalism, and imperialism.

HIST 346 • Ancient Greece and Rome (3 units)
Neolithic background of Greece; Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations; the rise of city states, and classical Greek civilization to the Macedonian conquest of Alexander the Great. The life of post-Alexander Greek states and their collapse in the face of Roman growth will also be studied. Roman civilization from republic to empire concluding with the collapse of their rule in 476 A.D. Latin culture, politics, and the growth of Christianity will be studied.

HIST 350 • United States Military History (3 units)
Traces the course of American military developments from the Revolution to the present, focusing on wars and with a special emphasis on Christian perspectives.

HIST 352 • American Religious History (3 units)
A study of religious groups, institutions, and the major figures in relation to American culture, from Native American religion until today. Class will cover the development of religious thought, and analysis of contemporary religious scene.

HIST 356 • History and Geography of California (3 units)
A study of California from pre-Spanish times to the present, with emphasis on political, economic, and social developments and on its physical, political, and human geography.

HIST 360 • Women in American History (3 units)
A survey of the role of women in the development of the nation, including the lives of average women and a look at some of the pioneers who reshaped attitudes about women’s proper sphere.

HIST 363 • America from Colony to Nation (3 units)
The history of the thirteen English colonies in America from their beginnings through the American revolution and ending with the conclusion of the War of 1812. This seminar class will focus on specific topics such as the growth of slavery, religion, politics, the Revolutionary War, and the constitutional debates.

HIST 365 • Ancient Church History (3 units)
A history of the Christian Church from the time of Christ until the fall of the Roman Empire in the west in 476AD. The class will study the religious world into which Christianity was born, the growth and theology of the early church, and its relationship to the larger Roman world. Students will learn about major leaders, events, and challenges that the early church faced.

HIST 370 • Wars of America (3 units)
Examines the Civil War, World War II or the Vietnam War in depth. May be repeated for credit.

HIST 373 • The Good Old Days: The United States, 1945-1963 (3 units)
Explores political, social, economic, and cultural developments in the days of the high Cold War.

HIST 374 • Contemporary American History: The United States Since 1963 (3 units).
Traces the loss of consensus through the sixties, Vietnam, Watergate, the end of the Cold War, and beyond.

CHIS 420 • History of Pentecostalism (3 units)
Antecedents, Wesleyan and nineteenth-century holiness backgrounds; origin, development, and varieties of traditional Pentecostalism; some attention to the neo-Pentecostal or charismatic movement. Course may include field trips to significant Southern California sites.

HIST 425 • Topics in American Religious History (3 units)
The class will focus on one topic particular to American religious history and study it in detail. These topics could include: women in American religious history, new religions and cults, evangelical Christian culture in America, and specific religious groups such as the Puritans or evangelicals.

HIST 450 • History Teaching Internship (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Senior standing with GPA of 3.0 or above with approval of the department chair. Regular hours each week for classes and/or meetings are established at the beginning of the semester. The intern assists an instructor in planning and conducting a course and/or laboratory sessions. Maximum of three units. (Maximum of six units for HIST/POLS 450, 454, and 457.)

CHIS 451 • Renaissance and Reformation (3 units)
The transition from medieval to modern civilization, emphasizing those forces and persons that brought about change in Europe’s intellectual and religious outlook.

HIST/POLS 454 • History/Political Science Internship (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the department chair. Internship with VU, local museum, archives, government office, or political campaign. Maximum of three units. (Maximum of six units for HIST/POLS 450, 454, and 457.)

HIST/POLS 457 • Research Assistantship (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Advanced work in research in History and/or Political Science in an on-going project with the cooperation and supervision of a faculty member. Students will meet with instructor weekly to discuss findings and progress. Maximum three units. (Maximum six units of HIST/POLS 450, 454, and 457.)

HIST 469 • Special Topics: U.S. (1-3 units)
Experimental or occasional courses not offered on a regular basis. May be repeated for credit.

HIST 470 • Special Topics: Non-U.S. (1-3 units)
Experimental or occasional courses not offered on a regular basis. May be repeated for credit.

HIST 480 • Individual Studies (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor and division chair. May be repeated for credit.

HIST 485C • Historiography (3 units)
A capstone course that traces the evolution of historical theory, interpretation, and practice. Seminar format. Includes focus on integration of faith and learning within the discipline. Culminates with students developing their own philosophies of history. This course fulfills the Core Curriculum Capstone requirement for History majors.

* This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.