Why Major in History/PoliSci at VU?

The career path of a History/Political Science major is one of the broadest in all of academia. Our majors are taught to be excellent writers and critical thinkers. These skills will serve you well in any profession. Being a HPS major does not limit you to teaching or law, but expands your options by giving you the intellectual tools you need to work in the real world in just about any profession.

Why Study HPS at Vanguard University?

The HPS faculty are superb teachers, caring mentors, and cutting edge scholars. Two of our faculty have recently won teacher of the year awards on campus and two have recently published books. Despite the growth of the campus, the HPS department has kept classes small. A smaller class means that students at Vanguard University have the ability to interact with faculty more frequently than students at a larger school. Our students regularly work on political campaigns and intern with the archives at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library. Southern California is an exciting place to study History and Political Science. The area features two presidential museums, national archives repositories, several leading museums, and research centers. The Los Angeles region is also regularly visited by leading political figures from the United States and around the world.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Familiarity with the cultural, political, economic, social, and religious development of world civilizations.
  2. Understanding the historical origins of contemporary society and culture.
  3. Understanding the political processes of human social institutions.
  4. Engaging the literature and schools of thought of the two disciplines.
  5. Engaging the two disciplines in the context of a Christian worldview.
  6. Demonstrating the ability to put their thoughts into solid, well-written well-documented prose.

Study Politics at VU, Practice Politics in Washington D.C.

The HPS department knows that great things can be learned outside the classroom, that is why we help our majors put their skills to work before they even graduate. Besides internships with the Nixon library and local state and national politicians, VU students regularly participate in the American Studies Program. This program allows students to study American politics and government from a biblical perspective by spending a semester in Washington, D.C. with students from other Christian colleges and with resident Christian scholars. Participating students receive 16 semester units of academic credit for formal classroom studies and serving in political internships. Dr. John Wilson is the faculty advisor of the program. The HPS department also offers study programs in Latin America, Russia, China, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

Jumpstart Your Law Career

The History and Political Science Department at VU offers an excellent selection of Pre-Law courses for students contemplating graduate studies in law.  Most schools of law do not specify a particular course of pre-law studies; they generally encourage applicants to pursue a broad liberal arts education at the undergraduate level.  A major in History and Political Science provides an excellent foundation for law schools.  Many lawyers have undergraduate backgrounds in history or political science.  Dr. Kevin Walker serves as the pre-law advisor.


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