Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (42 units)
Emphasis in Spirituality


CLSG 710 Mission and Culture in Theological Perspective (3 units) – An examination of the mission of the Church from biblical, theological and historical perspectives. This interdisciplinary study, integrating theology and praxis, is designed to move the student toward a holistic understanding of mission in relation to the transformation of individuals, communities and cultures.

CLSG 715Church and Contemporary Moral Issues (3 units) – The development of a constructive Christian ethic as a basis from which to address the moral problems confronting the contemporary church. We will explore the relationship between theological reflection and ethical thinking in light of the church’s moral mission in society.

CLSG 720 Theology and Theory of Leadership (3 units) – An examination of selected theological issues regarding leadership and a historical overview of leadership theory with emphasis on student’s research interests.

RELG 788 Research Methodology for Leadership Studies (3 units) – An introduction to research regarding leadership issues with a view toward preparing students for academic coursework and for the exit option of the MA program. This includes a problem statement, literature review, several research methods, and data analysis.

CLSG 646 Leadership and Character Development (3 units) – An exploration of the interior life of the leader in order to understand how character, spirituality and personal ethics of the leader influence interpersonal relationships and the public roles of leadership in the workplace.

CLSG 601 History of Spirituality (3 units) – An exploration of spirituality throughout church history that includes examples from Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant (including Pentecostal) traditions.

CLSG 606 Spiritual Formation (3 units) – An overview of spiritual formation that includes theological reflection and the exploration of the spiritual disciplines as a means of grace with a special emphasis given to prayer. Participants will look into the issues of faith that flow from the mysticism of the Holy Spirit into the prophetic radicalism of living out the Christian values in the contemporary world.

CLSG 622 Team Building and Conflict Management (3 units) – An exploration of team building as integral to preventing conflict and the role of conflict in healthy team formation. Participants will examine the nature of conflict, how it develops within individuals, relationships, and organization as well as the methods for managing conflict effectively.

CLSG 638 Leadership and Global Issues (3 units) – An understanding of leadership issues in intercultural contexts with a focus on the adaption of best practices to local customs and culture. The course explores dimensions of social and organizational identities and examines how cultural perspective and context impact leadership decision-making. Intercultural skills will be improved through the analysis of case studies and participation in group activities.

CLSG 642 Soul Care of Others (3 units) – A practical seminar that explores current trends in counseling and soul care, including Christian perspectives. The course will examine the relationship of the pastoral counselor to clinical therapists and other mental health care professionals, as well as provide the pragmatic integration of theological reflection with social science theory and practice.

CLSG 607 Spiritual Direction (3 units) – A foundation for understanding spiritual direction and the resources necessary to serve as a spiritual director to those seeking to discern the mysterious and tangible ways that God is present and at work in their lives.

RELG 791 Exit Option Design and Proposal for Leadership Studies (3 units) – A design of a research proposal appropriate for a thesis, project or directed reading exit option. Research prospectus components include: introduction, problem statement, definitions, limitations and delimitations, literature review, research method and bibliography.


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