Program Design & Duration

You may complete the MA in Leadership Studies (MALS) in just over two years.

  • Students take two courses and 1 seminar per semester and complete three semesters per year.
  • The program is comprised of 42 units: twelve courses (three units each), 6 Saturday seminars (1 unit each) and an exit project (three units).

Schedule Options

We offer schedules that cater to local and out-of-state students.  Students take two courses per semester in the following formats:

  • EIGHT-WEEK: These classes meet one night a week, eight weeks a semester from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. , and online.  Students complete one class over the first eight weeks of the semester and then take another course on the same night of the week for the last eight weeks.
  • SATURDAY SEMINAR:  One Saturday seminar will be help each semester from 8am- 5pm, covering various topics pertaining to Leadership Studies.
  • HYBRID:  This format combines in-class and online study, with students coming to campus at the beginning of each semester for five-day intensive meetings (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday) and meeting online for the remainder of the semester. Students need only come to campus three times a year and six times in the program.
  • ONLINE: This format allows students to pursue their degree completely online.

Course Information & Schedules

For more details on MA in Leadership Studies courses and schedules, visit the following pages:

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