Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (42 units)

The Master of Arts in Leadership Studies emphasizes disciplined research with theological reflection for the study of local and global Church mission and leadership. This degree, based on a blend of theological reflection and the social sciences, is especially beneficial for church and para-church organization leaders who desire the enrichment of a theological education and want to more fully understand how congregations and other organizations can be a transformative force in the world through mission and service.


  • Examine leadership through the inner life realities of character, call, passion and spirituality of the leader;
  • Develop a theological framework for leadership, mission and culture, globalization, ethics, spirituality, and other leadership issues;
  • Review highlights of the historical development and theoretical overview of leadership;
  • Learn a variety of research methods where participants formulate a problem statement, define terms, conduct a literature review, collect and analyze data, and arrive at a conclusion.


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