“I spent several years working in the media and the music industry, when I stumbled upon my real passion: leadership development.  I realized that I needed to continue to learn more so that I could do more. I was drawn to Vanguard’s MALS program because it brought together two areas that were meaningful to me: leadership and spirituality.  Today I’m back in the corporate world, helping lead over 700 people. Thanks to the Vanguard MALS program, I was prepared for bigger responsibilities and equipped with the practical knowledge and tools that I needed for bigger challenges.”

– Liz Cladio,  Assistant Vice President, Quorum Holdings Corporation

“It has been a ‘thought oasis’ – a place for reflection and learning.  The grad program opened a space for me to focus on my own leadership development. Enrolling forced me to open room in my life and thoughts for critical reflection on the Scriptures and how they practically play out in ministry.  The professors were forward thinking and critical of culture in ways that challenged and sharpened me as a leader.”

– Christine Nolf, Executive Director / Co-Founder, Mika Community Development Corporation

“I own and lead a personal training company.  Innovative Results has 200 clients, seven trainers, and serve the Costa Mesa community and surrounding cities. I also lead a section of sixteen Marines in the Marine Corps reserves with 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in Camp Pendleton. This program has done more in two years to improve the way I experience what I love than any other program I have ever been a part of, both military and academia. I used to view leadership as only a strategy to win or attain more power, but now I have been immersed in the theological and theoretical positions of servant-leader, transformational leader, and culturally understanding care-taker. With this new skill set, strategy, example, and wisdom I have seen major growth in my Marines, business, and family.”

– Aaron Guyett, President, Innovative Results

“My experience at Vanguard University is foundational to my work with leaders. In every consulting engagement I continue to draw from my learnings in the MA program. My preparation addressed both the “how” and “why” of organizational leadership and the importance of the spiritually integrated self. I was exposed to gifted academic practitioners who I still consider mentors to this day. I did not know it at the time but my idea of ministry was transformed. After serving as an Executive Pastor in the local church for several years, I was compelled to think of my ministry in a different way. Today I work seamlessly between the for-profit and non-profit worlds serving leaders who want to build organizations worthy of the people who work in them. While my professional life has grown, my academic pursuits have continued. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change. I do not believe I could have been better prepared for the journey. I am always delighted to respond when my colleagues or clients ask, “Where did you learn that?”

– Chip Espinoza, CEO, GeNext Consulting