500-Level Graduate Courses

THOG 508 • Theological Studies (3 units)
This course is designed mainly to expose the student to the nature and task of theology, especially to the issue of theological method.  Included in theological method will be how biblical themes are interpreted in light of tradition and social/cultural contexts.  Also included will be an awareness of the major fields of theological study.

THOG 557 • Historical Theology (3 units)
An investigation of the system of doctrine of the Christian faith with attention to the lives of the framers of early Christian doctrine; exploration of the development of Christian theology and doctrine throughout the reformation period and the twentieth century. The development of theological themes during this modern period will be discussed against the background of major events in church history and will be evaluated in terms of its relevance for the current situation of the churches.

600-Level Graduate Courses

THOG 630 • Narrative Theology and Hermeneutics (3 units)
This course explores the implications of narrative as a way of engaging in the theological task.  Particular attention is given to narrative biblical interpretation, theology, and preaching.  In addition, students will become aware of the use of narrative in emerging theological voices in cultures outside the West (and minority cultures within the West), especially in Pentecostal contexts.

THOG 640 • Systematic Theology (3 units)
This course will introduce the student to the major loci of systematic theology, including such major topics as God, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.  Each topic will be explored with the biblical witness, historical developments, and current issues in mind.  The goal will be to provide the student with a broad basis for advanced graduate-level work in systematic theology.

THOG 645 • Theology and Ministry in a Postmodern Context (3units)
The cultural-linguistic turn, otherwise known as postmodernism, changes everything. This course aims to enable students to recognize the effect of post modernity on the twin tasks of doing theology and engaging in ministry.  The goal will be to explore what it means to effectively contextualize the timeless message of God’s work without accommodating it to the prevailing zeitgeist.  Toward this end, students will evaluate various evangelical responses to postmodernism, explore what it means to do ministry in a  missional rather than institutional manner, and examine the various ways in which evangelical churches have endeavored to reinvent themselves so as to minister effectively (make disciples, image the kingdom of God) in a postmodern, post-Chirstian context.

THOG 670 • Special Topics (3 units)
Study in a special topic in theology.

THOG 680 • Individual Study (3 units)
An individualized study initiated by the student who must develop a written prospectus of the proposed study and secure an appropriate sponsoring faculty member to supervise and evaluate the study. Up to a maximum of three units may be applied toward the degree requirements.