500-Level Graduate Courses

OTG 503 • Beginning Hebrew I (4 units)
An introduction to Hebrew grammar, vocabulary and syntax for the graduate student. Offered alternate years.

OTG 504 • Beginning Hebrew II (4 units)
A continuation of Beginning Hebrew I. Offered alternate years.

OTG 508 • Old Testament Exegesis (3 units)
This course is designed to acquaint the student with some of the methodological, cultural, literary and theological issues that facilitate and condition the study of the Old Testament and that will lay a foundation for further work in that field.  The final project will be an exegesis of a passage of Old Testament scripture.

OTG 574 • Old Testament Ethics (3 units)
The study of moral theology through a biblical theology of the created order. It is designed to explore the possibility of formulating a systematic approach to the norms for ethical conduct as they are set forth both in edict, institution and deed in the literature of the Old Testament. (M.T.S. must have OT Life and Literature or its equivalent.)

600-Level Graduate Courses

OTG 631 • Intermediate Hebrew I (3 units)
Further study of grammar and syntax including extensive exegesis of the narrative portions of the Old Testament. Offered alternate years.

OTG 632 • Intermediate Hebrew II (3 units)
A continuation of Intermediate Hebrew I. Offered alternate years.

OTG 640 • The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament (3 units)
This course will focus on the following aspects of kingdom theology in the Old Testament: The theology of the kingship of Yahweh; the theology of human kingship in ancient Israel as it was ideally conceived; the rise of the monarchy- the idealized Davidic kingship; the development of the monarchy as it actually materialized in Israel and in Judah and; the application of these theologies to life situations.  Included will be a study of the theological values in the patriarchal journeys, together with the archeological backgrounds of the patriarchs; the contribution of genealogies; the competition from neighboring concepts of God and kingship, the people of Israel and their land.

OTG 670 • Special Topics (3 units)
Study in a special topic in Old Testament.

OTG 680 • Individual Study in Old Testament (3 units)
A study of a subject not addressed by a regular course that is initiated by the student through a written prospectus of the proposed study and the securing of an appropriate sponsoring faculty member to supervise and evaluate the study. Up to a maximum of four units may be applied toward the degree requirements.

OTG 690 • Seminar in Old Testament
(3 units)
Mutual investigation of one topic in Old Testament of particular relevance to graduate students in religion.

700-Level Graduate Courses

OTG 725 • Current Issues in Old Testament Studies (3 units)
An investigation and evaluation of the basic critical problems of Old Testament interpretation which aims to acquaint the student with the more significant methodologies and personalities in contemporary scholarly studies.