500-Level Graduate Courses

NTG 503 • Beginning Greek I (4 units)
An introduction to Greek grammar, vocabulary and syntax for the graduate student. Offered alternate years.

NTG 504 • Beginning Greek II (4 units)
A continuation of Beginning Greek I.

NTG 508 • New Testament Exegesis  (3 units)
This course surveys the basic issues in the interpretation of the New Testament and the academic disciplines that have been developed to address them.   As such, it constitutes a basic introduction to exegetical method.  The final project will be an exegesis of a passage of New Testament Scripture.

NTG 546 • Parables for Preaching (3 units)
An examination of the interrelationship between the meaning of the parables as Jesus spoke them to His original hearers and the message of parables proclaimed in the church today.

NTG 552 • New Testament Theology (3 units)
A study of the history and methods of biblical theology and examination of the major themes of the principal New Testament writers in the light of their historical backgrounds.

NTG 555 • New Testament Ethics (3 units) (M.T.S)
This course is designed to acquaint students with the ethical teachings of the New Testament, and to probe the relevance of New Testament ethics for a contemporary personal and social ethic.

600-Level Graduate Courses

NTG 631 • Intermediate Greek I (3 units)
Further study of grammar and syntax, including extensive exegesis of selected Johnannine and Pauline texts. Offered alternate years.

NTG 632 • Intermediate Greek II (3 units)
A continuation of Greek I. Offered alternate years.

NTG 670 • Special Topics (3 units)
Study in a special topic in New Testament.

NTG 680 • Individual Study in New Testament (3 units)
An individualized study initiated by the student who must develop a written prospectus of the proposed study and secure an appropriate sponsoring faculty member to supervise and evaluate the study. A maximum of four units may be applied toward the degree requirements.

NTG 690 • Seminar in New Testament (3 units)
Mutual investigation of one topic in New Testament of particular relevance to graduate students in religion.

700-Level Graduate Courses

NTG 710 • Current Issues in New Testament Studies (3 units)
An investigation and evaluation of the basic critical problems of New Testament interpretation which aims to acquaint the student with the more significant methodologies and personalities in contemporary scholarly studies.