“With the richness of Vanguard University’s educational heritage, I welcome you to pursue your calling with an education rooted in Scripture and a faculty inspired to equip students for a diversity of callings.”


Vanguard’s graduate religion faculty challenge students to engage their professional discipline passionately and contemplatively. With each passing class session, you will gain Biblical knowledge and skills that will inform your work and service.


Your graduate training in religion at Vanguard will help you make the most of every opportunity. Through interaction with course materials, professors and fellow students, many of whom are in full-time ministry, you will gain broad knowledge which will yield an immediate benefit in your own congregation, classroom or scholarly research.


Not only will you learn to be fully-engaged intellectually, but spiritually as well. You will find that your studies at Vanguard University will enhance your faith, increase your passion, and provide partners to help you grow.


Richard D. Israel, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Programs in Religion

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