We expect our graduate psychology students and faculty to produce outstanding scholarship, but we also want them to enjoy their academic journey in a close-knit, supportive community. We cultivate this constructive, distinctly Christian atmosphere in a number of ways.

Learning Environment

Social space has a significant impact on community development. Therefore, we have designed the graduate psychology facilities with a mind toward both learning (classrooms, child play therapy training room, adult therapy training room) and community (lounge, computer lab).


Vanguard’s graduate psychology faculty are experts in their fields and involved in clinical research. They are determined to apply a Christian perspective to the latest psychological research.

But what truly sets them and our program apart is a community-oriented approach to learning, which is augmented by a low student to faculty ratio. In this environment, faculty and students enjoy strong, healthy connections with each other. The result is a relational academic environment that for many is the beginning of a lifetime journey of honoring God by serving others.

Integrative Approach

Vanguard’s commitment to integration of Christianity with the latest psychological research extends to our curriculum. Every course that we offer addresses integration of psychology and faith to some degree; a few courses give the topic a major emphasis.

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