PLEASE REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS prior to starting your submission

You will need 20-40 minutes to complete a submission online. You may edit your proposals before final submission. You will NOT be able to change the proposal after submission.

Before you start, please review the instructions in the Call for Proposals and have the following materials ready:

  • Program type (symposium, poster, etc.)
  • Presentation title (maximum 10 words)
  • Complete listing of all participants with advanced degrees and institution/organization information
  • Complete mailing and email addresses of all participants
  • Presentation abstract (75 words maximum; ready to be copied/pasted)
  • Presentation summary (see instructions for specific types of presentation; ready to be copied/pasted)

Submit Proposal

Please indicate if your submission is eligible for any of these “Best Presentation” awards.

Please submit author information for all co-presenters (First Name, Last Name, Degree, Field, Affiliation, e-mail)  in the order they should be indicated in the conference program. It is assumed that submitting author is the first author. If this is not the case, please include the submitting author in the list below in correct order. Maximum number of presenters is eight.  For a symposium presentation, there is no maximum limit. Example:

1. Star Rising. M.A. Doctoral Student, Occupational Psychology, University of Amazing, Atlanta, GA, USA

2. Founder Owner. MBA. Principal, Stupendous Consulting, Vancouver, BC, Canada

3. Teacher Best. Ph.D., Economics, Assistant Professor, Economics & Social Policy, University of Superb, Perth, WA, Australia