About the Schedule Format

In order to ensure academic quality while accommodating the unique scheduling demands of the adult learner, and ensuring a two-year completion window, the Master of Science in Organizational Psychology is a compressed hybrid program. 

Compressed means that each three-unit course contains forty-five hours of instruction; but compressed into seven weeks instead of the traditional fifteen weeks.  This means that, attending class one night per week, a student can complete two courses in fifteen weeks instead of only one course. This also means that the student essentially doubles the pace of coursework, completing the same amount of work in half the time. 

Hybrid means that, in addition to class time, there are online learning opportunities. The MSOP program uses online learning to supplement and reinforce class material and individual student study. Most online assignments are posted discussions, reviews, and other resources that bridge conversations from one week to the next, allowing students to continue the discussion from their most recent class while integrating new midweek readings and assignments. 

This schedule is not for everyone. It is however, ideal for students who are highly motivated, self-directed, and extremely disciplined with their own time management.

Each three-unit course has approximately forty five hours of instructional time, including in-class meetings (4 hours X 7 weeks = 28 hours) and approximately 2.5 hours per week of online work (2.5 hours X 7 weeks = 17 hours). On average, students can expect to invest approximately 8-12 hours in assignments each week in order to achieve the course learning outcomes.