Can I work full-time and go through the credential program?

We do have students that work full-time during the first semester of the credential program but that is a less than ideal situation due to the course work load. During the advanced student teaching semester, it is only possible to work part-time in the evenings and weekends.

Do I find my own Master Teacher?

No, we have a student teaching coordinator that will match you with a master teacher in the area.

Do you offer other locations?

All of our classes are currently held at the Costa Mesa campus.

What qualifies someone to be a Master Teacher?

They must be recommended by their principal, available to have only one student teacher, and have taught for at least 5 years.

What is the Certificate of Clearance for?

The Certificate of Clearance grants you clearance from the FBI, Department of Justice and the California Commission on Teacher credentialing to work in the public school classroom with students.

What districts do you work with for Student Teaching placement?

Generally we work with Newport-Mesa Unified School District and Santa Ana Unified School District, but we do work with a variety of school districts in Orange County.

What is the homework load like during the credential?

You can estimate for every hour in class, 2 hours outside of class for homework. If you are enrolled in 13 units for the 1st semester of the credential program, you can estimate about 25-30 hours of homework.

How many hours are involved in Beginning Student Teaching?

A minimum of 45 hours is required to be completed throughout the 1st semester of the credential program. However, students often spend 60-75 hours in their Master Teacher’s classroom during Beginning Student Teaching to build a stronger working relationship.

How long is the school assignment for Advanced Student Teaching?

Multiple Subject Candidates – 2 seven week assignments (during a 16 week semester)
Single Subject Candidates – 1 high school or middle school semester

Are there on-line classes available?

At this time, only on-campus classes are offered.

Who is my advisor?

During the admissions process – Teresa Dovel,
During the credential program – Randee Loya,
During the MA core – Teresa Dovel,

What makes Vanguard’s credential program different from other programs?

  • Small, cohort of people going through the program together
  • Our faculty prepares you to meet the challenges of teaching
  • Good reputation in local school districts
  • Hiring rate of our students by local school districts

How long will it take me to finish my credential?

If all your pre-requisites are complete, it is possible to complete the credential in 2 semesters.

How long will it take me to finish my M.A. in Education?

  • MA with Preliminary Credential – 37 units, 2 semesters for the credential and 2-4 semesters for the MA Core classes
  • MA, Preliminary Credential and Christian Education Leadership – 45 units, 5-7 semesters
  • MA, Christian Education Leadership – 33 units, 4-6 semesters
  • MA, Induction – 33 units, 4-6 semesters
  • MA, Teacher Leadership– 30 units, 4-6 semesters

Is there financial aid available?

Yes, there is a variety of financial aid available including academic scholarships, loans, CalGrant (credential), Pell Grant (credential), APLE grant (credential), and institutional scholarships.

Who will be interviewing me for entry into the program?

Teresa Dovel – Graduate Education Program Coordinator
Randee Loya – Graduate Education Student Teaching Coordinator and Credential Analyst