Choose from among four program options

M.A. and Preliminary Credential
(for the individual seeking a teaching credential and licensure with EL Authorization embedded entitling you to teach Limited English Proficient students)

M.A. Teaching Credential and Christian Education Leadership
(for the private Christian school teacher or administrator who wants to combine a California Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Credential with course work in Christian organizational management and leadership, and graduate research for a Master of Arts in Education)

M.A. and Christian Education Leadership
(for the individual pursuing career advancement in private education and/or private school administration and who wants to integrate professional training in curriculum and Christian organizational management and leadership with a Master of Arts degree)

M.A. with Teacher Leadership Emphasis
(for the individual who already holds a valid California teaching credential and wishes to earn a Master of Arts in Education)

“Vanguard has prepared me to see all students as Christ did! He loved children and felt passionate about serving them.
It was the relationships that I built with classmates and professors that taught me that “relationships” are really important.”
– Ramon Miramontes, Principal, Fullerton School District