We are currently accepting applications for the fall 2016 semester.

The fall application deadlines are as follows:

February 1, 2016 – Early Action
March 1, 2016 – Priority

Applications will be accepted after March 1 on a space available basis.

The spring 2017 application deadline is November 1.

Individuals interested in pursuing a teaching credential and/or degree from the Graduate Education program at Vanguard University should complete the following steps.

1) Fill out an Application: Apply online here. Or, download and complete our paper version of the Graduate Education Application and its Checklist (pdf)*. If you prefer to receive one directly from the Graduate Admissions Office, you can fill out our info request form, or call the Graduate Admissions Office at (877) 669-8872. Please fill out the application for admissions and mail with all requested information below. We encourage you to apply now. Please note that Vanguard accepts applications on a rolling basis.

2) Application Fee: An application fee of $45.00 is required. Submit credit card payment online, or checks may be made out to Vanguard University.

3) References: Download the paper version of the Graduate Education Reference (pdf)*. Each applicant is required to secure three references as part of the application process, please print the PDF version three times, one for each reference. One of these should be from a professor with whom you took classes with in your field of study; two others should be a professional references.

4) Personal Statement: On a separate sheet of paper write a detailed statement of purpose describing reasons for applying to VUSC’s Graduate Program in Education. In this paper discuss: Professional goals and aspirations; Anticipate plans for your future as a result of furthering your education in this graduate program; The relationship between your professional goals and your Christian faith; Include any additional information concerning your preparation for graduate study.

5) CBEST Verification: Please present an original 3″ X 4″ transcript card (for credential applicants only).

6) Official Transcripts: Please request official transcripts from all of the colleges you have attended (including colleges you attend for pre-requisite course work).

7) Submit Application and Supporting Documentation: The completed application form, along with all supporting documents, should be submitted to the Graduate and Professional Studies Admissions Office.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the application process, please contact Graduate and Nursing Admissions at admissions@vanguard.edu or by calling (877) 669-8872.

*(PDF files require the free Adobe reader to view and print)