International students must meet the admissions requirements and pre-requisites for each specific program, in addition, there are other requirements that are listed below. The priority deadline for international applications and all accompanying documents is September 1 for the following Fall semester, and January 15 for the following Spring semester (the Clinical Psychology program does not have Spring entrance options for international students).

Below is a checklist of all the information that must be turned in before your application can be processed. Once all of these items are received, your file will be reviewed for admission to Vanguard University of Southern California.


  • Application – must be completely filled out and must include references.
  • Transcripts – your transcripts must be an English translation, and must be notarized by the U.S. Consul or notary, or another authority in your country. Official documents in languages other than English must include certified English translations by independent agencies. You must also supply a catalog, course descriptions, or a copy of course syllabi from any institutes, or universities you have attended.
  • If you are transferring any units from a university or seminary overseas, you will need to send your transcripts to an agency that evaluates transcripts. Vanguard recommends using AERC (American Education Research Corporation, Inc.) The University determines the acceptability of any foreign work and academic placement. If you are transferring any units from a foreign institute, you should fill out an application for AERC and submit it along with your transcripts and fees to them as soon as possible. You will not be accepted until information is received from AERC. Once we receive their evaluation Vanguard will determine the acceptability of any units. To get an application from AERC, or if you have any questions regarding the AERC evaluation please call them directly at (626) 339-4404 or you can visit their web page at
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – send a copy of your TOEFL scores (VUSC’s school code is: 4701). To be eligible for admission, you must attain:
    • a score of 550 or above on the written version;
    • or a score of 213 or above on the computer-based version;
    • or a score of 79 or above on the internet based version.
  • You can obtain information and test dates from the TOEFL website (, any U.S. Embassy, U.S. Communication Agency Office, you may write to TOEFL at, Box 899, Princeton, NJ 08541, or you may email TOEFL at
  • Application fee – include a check or money order for US $45. This is a non-refundable fee.
  • Student Financial Statement and Affidavit – form must be filled out and must include bank statements that show that you have funds available to cover your entire first year in your program of study.
  • Download a PDF version of the Graduate Financial Affadavit (requires the free Adobe reader to view).
  • If you are financing your education with financial help from others, you must obtain and send a SPONSOR’S AFFADAVIT (Form I-134 from the U.S.A. Immigration and Naturalization Service). This document may also be a statement from your sponsor’s bank. This document certifies that your sponsor has the financial resources to cover your expenses while studying in the U.S.A.
  • Vanguard University does not have financial aid for international students. Therefore, applicants must provide satisfactory evidence that adequate funds are available to meet the financial obligations required at the time of enrollment. International students with an F1 visa may seek employment only when permission is secured from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. Permission to work is generally not granted during the first year of study in the United States.
  • Acceptance – Within four weeks from the date all of the above items are on file with the Graduate Admissions Office, you will be notified regarding your financial and academic eligibility for admission.
  • Financial Deposit – If accepted to the University, you must send full payment of the first year’s expenses to Vanguard University of Southern California. The first year’s expenses include (but are not limited to) tuition, fees, and health insurance. (Note: All international students are required to purchase health insurance through Vanguard University.)
  • Visa – After receiving your first year’s payment, we will issue you an I-20 Form which you must present to the Consular’s Office to obtain a student visa.
  • Refund – If you decide not to attend the University, the first year’s payment will be returned to you with the exception of the non-refundable $45 application fee and a $50 service charge. A request for refund must be accompanied by the original copy of the I-20 issued by VUSC and a letter of explanation.

If you have any questions regarding the process for an international student, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 877-669-8872 or email