Without it, I would not be here.

Brielle AllbaughFor as long as I can remember, Vanguard University has been a part of my family and talked about on a regular basis; so it only made sense for me to attend this great school when the time came. My name is Brielle Allbaugh and I am a Liberal Studies major, a senior this year, and a proud Legacy Family member.

I’m from northern San Diego and grew up in an Assemblies of God home. My dad and grandpa were both AG pastors. My parents, Jonathan ’88 and Karla ’91, met at Vanguard, graduated, and married here. My mom used to tell us stories of her and her friends when they were in college, and we visited VU often when I was younger. I remember being at Vanguard (then called SCC), and thinking it was so big and welcoming. In high school, my youth pastor had just graduated from VU, and I wanted to have a relationship with God and life like him. He had nothing but great things to say about the university and would take us on visits of the campus. Vanguard was so glamorized in my mind (and rightfully so!), and when it came time to choose where to attend college and prepare for life, I wanted to continue in my parents’ footsteps. There was no question, Vanguard University was the place.

Brielle Allbaugh2I’ve been told that your college years are some of the best in your life, so I’ve tried to make the very most out of my time here. I’ve had the ultimate experience when it comes to getting involved. I’ve enjoyed Frontline, Student Government, and Residence Life. To my surprise, I have found that some of my favorite times at Vanguard have been when I am just another student figuring out life. I’ve learned to depend on the support of the community-the people living around me. I have made amazing friends that have helped me grow in my faith and have created memories that will last a lifetime. Simply being a student at Vanguard University has been life changing.

Brielle Allbaugh3Vanguard University has been a place where I have felt safe to be vulnerable, grow in my faith, and learn from the people around me. There is no place I would rather spend my college years than at Vanguard. Financial support made my dream of being able to prepare for life here possible. Without it, I would not be here, it’s that simple. Financial aid was the biggest God-send.  I am forever grateful to all those who give so generously and am blessed that God provided, making it possible for me to be here during some of the most important years of my life.

I know that when I graduate I will be entering the “real world” with confidence and faith because of my great experiences at Vanguard University.

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