Vanguard University Fund

A gift to the Vanguard University Fund provides more financial aid, better facilities, top-notch faculty and a continued high-quality educational experience for Vanguard students. Click here to make an online gift.


Vanguard University awards financial aid to over 90% of current students, reducing the gap between the cost of a college education and the family’s ability to contribute. A gift to student scholarships makes it possible for Vanguard to provide this aid. Click here to make an online gift.

Faculty Research

Vanguard faculty model research and critical inquiry for their students as they engage in collaborative research projects. From the study of modern Pentecostalism, to the condition of the local homeless population, to strategies to globally address the issue of human trafficking, faculty are furthering the mission of Vanguard through their research. Read more or click here to make an online gift.


An endowed gift strengthens the University’s foundation and establishes an enduring legacy. A strong endowment enables Vanguard to hire the best faculty, attract the best students, and further the university’s mission. Click here to read more or make an online gift.

Event Sponsorships

Your gift to support Vanguard’s premier events provides for the university’s programs and gives your company great visibility in the Orange County community. Read more about event opportunities.


Invest in Gold! Your gift to Athletics enables Vanguard to shape character through Christian coaches who are committed to developing outstanding student-athletes, on and off the field. Click here to make an online gift.

Global Center for Women and Justice

The Global Center for Women and Justice conducts research, engages in advocacy, and provides community training on justice issues, specifically human trafficking, violence against women, and cyberexploitation. Click here to make an online gift.

Building Campaigns and Projects

A gift to building campaigns and projects provides for the expansion and renovation of facilities to better serve Vanguard students. Read more about recent projects.