Your Gift Makes A Difference

Giving a scholarship to Vanguard University will benefit our students and the university for years to come. And there is a huge need. Roughly 90% of Vanguard students receive scholarships and financial aid, thereby honoring our mission to make an education -marked by excellence and spiritual vitality – available to every student who wants it, not just those who can afford it.  Having these scholarships enhances Vanguard’s ability to attract the most academically qualified students.

Many students and their families have expressed how these privately funded scholarships have made a real difference. In many cases, a college education would have been impossible without scholarships.  In addition to financial need, scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and community service.

A Scholarship Gift

You may choose to offer a one-time scholarship gift that will be awarded to a student meeting the criteria you establish.  You may desire to bless an International student, a student in the music, or ministry department, for example – you have the freedom to establish the criteria for your gift.  Your scholarship gift will be awarded to a student identified by the Financial Aid Office matching your criteria.

Endowed Scholarship

A scholarship is endowed with a principle of $25,000 or more.  As the donor, you define the award criteria for the scholarship that meets your goals. Your scholarship could be based on academic merit, financial need, academic major, career interest, Christian service, geographic area or other criteria important to you.

Some individuals have created endowed scholarships in their own names, and others have named the scholarships after family members, colleagues, or others they wish to honor. An endowed scholarship is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for yourself or for someone who has played an important role in your life.

A gift to endow a scholarship can be made with a single gift or gifts made over a five year period. Some people choose to make their gift by check, while for many giving appreciated stock offers the best way to make a larger gift and obtain significant tax savings as well. Others have established their scholarship, or have added to their scholarship, through their will or estate plan.

Contributions made by a donor for an endowed scholarship are prudently invested and managed by the College Foundation Board. Once the scholarship is endowed and can be awarded, a percent of the earnings are expended annually for the scholarship, while the principal is preserved and grows so that the scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity.