What Is The Faculty / Staff Annual Giving Campaign for Vanguard University?

The Faculty/Staff Campaign is an effort to increase participation in giving to the Vanguard University Fund (aka, the Annual Fund), with the ultimate goal of 100% participation among faculty and staff.

When is the campaign?

The three-week annual Faculty/Staff campaign known as “Give.Gain.Grow.” starts Monday, April 3 and ends Friday, April 21, 2017.

What is the Vanguard University Fund?

The Vanguard University Fund exists to support VU’s budget and to encourage alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations and faulty/staff to make contributions. These resources are critical. Contributions to the VU Fund provides financial aid, better facilities, top-notch faculty and continued high-quality educational experience for students.

Why should I support Vanguard by making a gift through the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign?

Giving is a personal decision and our individual reasons for contributing are many. But we have at least one common purpose—to support the reason we’re all here—the students.

By participating in the annual “Give.Gain.Grow.” Faculty/Staff Campaign, we have the opportunity to show that we believe in our students’ potential. Gifts of any amount to this annual campaign help the Annual Fund which supports new technology, campus improvements, scholarships, and more. The goal is to increase participation each year. Last year it was 76%.

A high faculty/staff giving percentage is an endorsement that staff and faculty believe in the value of our collective work at Vanguard and the investment in our students’ futures. Faculty and staff participation also plays a major role in academic rankings, grantors decisions and the university’s overall reputation. Ultimately, a high participation rate is a vote of confidence in Vanguard and its future.

Why do we fundraise? Don’t tuition fees cover all of the costs to run a university?

Many people are surprised to learn that tuition does not cover the costs it takes to run a successful university.

Universities are able to exist because of the following:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Auxiliary Services (ie. Events that take place on campus in the summer)
  • Incurring debt
  • Fundraising (ie. Philanthropy)

There is a limit on how much money a university can bring in through tuition fees and auxiliary service, so philanthropy is extremely important. Building a culture of philanthropy naturally begins with the Faculty and Staff as an example to our students and alumni that we care about our work and the students.

How much should I give?

Any amount that feels comfortable for you. Participation is truly our number one goal. Every gift will make a difference.

Why the Vanguard University Fund for this campaign and not a specific department or program?

Giving to the VU Fund provides the support that helps all of us flourish. A higher participation rate of faculty/staff giving to the Vanguard University Fund…

  • Puts VU in a positive light when applying for grant money
  • Affects VU’s ratings on surveys such as the US News and World Report
  • Institutional Aid (Scholarships)
  • Campus Beautification
  • Master Planning
  • Software Licensing

The Vanguard University Fund is our area of greatest need. Funding the annual operating budget is essential to VU’s financial well-being. Helping make sure we have a balanced budget every year is important to us all.

What are the new incentives for participation this year?

This year, Campus Champions will be giving out stuffed lion mascots to every faculty/staff member who makes a gift of any amount to the campaign. For gifts of at least $10 per pay period, each donor will receive a VU t-shirt and for gifts of $45 or more each pay period, donors will become members of the President’s Circle.

Each week during the campaign, the Advancement office will draw names for 4 prizes (everyone who has donated will be entered into the drawings) for a total of 24 prizes:

  • 1 day of Paid Time Off
  • Gift Cards to the Bookstore

How can people make gifts?

Making a gift is quick and easy! Click here to make a gift now or complete the donation form in the brochure and return it to the Advancement Office downstairs in Smith Hall room 119. Payroll deduction is one of the most convenient ways to make a gift.

Do Faculty/Staff have to renew an existing payroll deduction plan?

Yes, we’re asking everyone to renew their payroll deduction gift to ensure accuracy and allow for changes in giving levels.


Feel free to contact Juls Johnson, Associate Director of Development Operations at Julie.johnson@vanguard.eduor (714) 966-5448.