Down the Right Road


My name is Vandella Jasso,
and I’m a junior majoring in Business Administration from Galt, CA.


I have never been more excited for what God has for me because I have learned so much about how beautifully crafted each of our stories are. I am known and seen here at Vanguard and in a society like this world’s, that’s difficult to come across.


I realized I needed to go to a Christian college to keep going down the right road with my faith and life. I wanted an education that incorporated faith into the schooling because I desired to learn more about my personal relationship with Christ and the Bible simultaneously. It was very important to me to surround myself with other believers so that I could be immersed in a community that continually pushed me to be a better person and explore what life God has designed for me specifically. I decided to make Vanguard my next big decision. Since then, it has been the best decision that I’ve ever made.


I have been stretched, pushed, cradled, and loved more than ever before. I have authentic friendships and incredible mentors in Student Leadership, my classes, and the Redemption church that I am a part of in Costa Mesa.


PeruOne professor in particular has mentored me since the beginning of my journey at Vanguard. Two years ago, as a first semester Freshman, I met my Persuasive Writing professor, Karrie Preasmyer. The first day of class I was drawn to the way she cared more about how we were doing with the transition into college individually than quickly jumping into the course work. That day, I asked her to be my mentor because we had been encouraged to seek out someone to walk with us throughout our Vanguard experience. Ever since, we have been meeting throughout the semesters and she has welcomed me into her home to spend time with her family and has been walking with me through my journey at Vanguard. She has been a consistent supporter and encourager in all areas of my life. She inspires me to follow my passions, to love others with intention and seek God in it all.


Receiving financial aid has created a way for me to be able to attend this school. No other school that I have come across has this much financial support for their students. It shows that alumni and donors believe in Vanguard and what we stand for and that is the most precious gift, more than just a check. The message behind those dollar signs means the world to me because I am benefiting not only financially, but I am evolving into the person that God created me to be and I could not see myself going through life anywhere else.


After I graduate, I am looking forward to using my Business degree and Sociology minor to work in the nonprofit sector to help others in the way God has gifted me. I hope to use the business techniques and passion for helping people in a capacity of higher leadership within a nonprofit. I know God will use my desire for traveling in this area as well, as long as I remain open and willing to follow wherever He will take me.


I desire to continue spending time traveling the world and learning more about other cultures and different ways of life. This love of travel was first sparked when I went out of the country for the first time at eleven years old with an organization, People to People. After exploring England and Scotland then Australia the following summer, I knew I could do more than travel and enjoying the world as my playground. My first mission’s trip was to Chapultepec, Mexico with my home church Horizon Community Church in Galt, CA. Every year since I was fifteen I have been back, either building houses or leading teams in ministering to orphanages. With the experience in missions and traveling I have been blessed with, I pray that God continues to take me around the world to minister and serve in any capacity that He equips me with.


Different chapel opportunities, Theology classes and conversations with peers have pushed me to learn more about the Bible, different denominations and my own personal relationship with Christ. I have been able to have some of the deepest conversations I have ever been faced with because of the safe and open space that is here at Vanguard; it really is a very special environment.


MexicoI never could have thought up the plan that has been unfolding over the last two years here at VU. I continually reflect on how far God has brought me and how faithful He has been to me through the good, the bad and the ugly.


Over the last two years I have not been able to spend a significant amount of time at home however I have been incredibly blessed to have two amazing parents and two precious siblings that have given me the opportunity to step away from the role as the eldest sibling to find myself with Christ. When I do get the opportunity to travel back home, we spend time together that is much more meaningful than ever before. They have been the constant supporters that have continually reminded me where I come from and what I am living for throughout all the change and growth I have experienced.


I have never been more excited for what God has for me because I have learned so much about how beautifully crafted each of our stories are. I am known and seen here at Vanguard and in a society like this world’s, that’s difficult to come across.


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