Colleges and universities rely on endowment income for an increasing proportion of their revenues.  Financial resources invested on behalf of the University provide income for University leaders to take advantage of strategic opportunities, weather economic downturns, and recruit talented students and faculty.  An endowment creates financial stability, allowing Vanguard University to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue.

Thank you to the donors who have given generously to the endowment. The following scholarships and funds have been established for specific purposes as part of the larger endowment. If you are interested in establishing a new fund, please contact Justin McIntee by email or 714.966.5440. If you would like to make on online gift to an existing fund, please click here.


Endowed Funds
Artist in Residence
Capital Fund
Library Endowed Fund
Bruce Howard Lindsay Endowed Library Fund
D. Lorance and L. McHargue Science Research Fellowship


Endowed Chairs
Richard Dresselhaus Chair of Pastoral Preaching
Winthrop Stewart Chair of Missions


Endowed Lectureships
Wayne E. Kraiss Distinguished Chapel Series
Bill and Joanne Larson Lectureship for Ethics & Business


Jenna Marek, 2012 recipient of the Nell Rediger Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships
Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Mark Bell Memorial Scholarship
Truda Viola Fairris Litzmann Endowed Scholarship
Hopkins Family Endowed Scholarship
Morris/Kuhl Inner-City Endowed Scholarship
Art and Betty Price Endowed Scholarship
Nell Rediger Memorial Scholarship
William J. Seymour Endowed Scholarship
Takashima-Campbell Endowed Scholarship
Doti Tamburo Endowed Scholarship
Candi Thorne Endowed Scholarship
Flossie Way Endowed Scholarship


Endowed Scholarships for Athletics
Doug Barnes Memorial Scholarship


Endowed Scholarships for Education
Dixie Arnold Endowed Scholarship
Waymann and Charlene Carlson Memorial Scholarship
John Lackey Family Scholarship
Markey-White Christian Educators Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte McNutt Memorial Scholarship
Mel and Martia McNutt Memorial Scholarship
Myers-Haneke Endowed Scholarship
Tom and Donna Watt Endowed Scholarship
Ward Williams Christian Higher Education Endowed Scholarship


Christian and Christopher Lucas, 2012 recipients of the Edwin Elliott Music Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships for Music
Edwin Elliott Endowed Music Scholarship
Don Fontana Endowed Music Scholarship
Haynes/Kraiss Endowed Music Scholarship
Patricia Crouse Leggett Endowed Music Scholarship
Ruby E. Merrill Endowed Scholarship
Linnie Olson Endowed Keyboard Scholarship
Mark Thallander Endowed Organ Scholarship
Holly Lash Visel Memorial Scholarship
Norma Willson Endowed Voice Scholarship


Endowed Scholarships for Psychology
Myrna LeGrand Endowed Scholarship


Katherine Smith, 2012 recipient of the Darwin and Ona Heuser Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships for Religion and Ministry
Don Baldwin Endowed Scholarship
Florence Blossom Beck Endowed Scholarship
Bogdan/Hale Endowed Scholarship
William W. Brewer Endowed Scholarship
Willyla Bushnell Endowed Scholarship
George, Anna, & Cheryl Calvert Endowed Scholarship
Joseph and Irma Colombo Endowed Scholarship
MaryBelle Sauter Cox Endowed Scholarship
James N. Cruse Memorial Scholarship
Victor and Mona DeRouis Endowed Scholarship
Darwin and Ona Heuser Endowed Scholarship
D.T. Jenkins Endowed Scholarship
Ruby Keener Memorial Scholarship
Edward F. Nielsen Endowed Scholarship
Eli and Ruby Quenta Student Endowed Scholarship
Religion Endowed Scholarship
Robert and Marian Sauls Endowed Scholarship
John B. Scott Endowed Scholarship
William Seaberg Endowed Scholarship
Hyman Israel Specter Endowed Scholarship
Barbara Forrest Turner Memorial Scholarship
William and Alma Williams Endowed Biblical Languages Award


Endowed Scholarships for Veterans
Fletcher Jones Foundation Endowed Scholarship