A Heart for Helping Others

 Mellica.pose560And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

From her humble beginnings— to her upcoming graduation — Mellica Harris, a Vanguard University Business Administration major, opens up about God’s faithfulness and her gratitude for the many people who have helped her along the way.

“Love the Lord and be yourself. That’s the most important thing I’ve learned at VU. I’ve also received a world-class education! Although I didn’t worry about academics, it was my self-worth and identity that I really struggled with. I wasn’t sure who I was or if I was enough. I want to thank the many professors, mentors, and of course the scholarship donors who have made this journey possible. Without the help of so many people, I wouldn’t be graduating in May.”

Growing up, Mellica and her older sister were raised by a single mom whom Mellica describes as a “force to be reckoned with.” Their life wasn’t always easy, but Mellica credits her mom’s determination and God’s goodness in bringing them through.

“When I was 4, my father was arrested and deported back to Jamaica for physically abusing my mom and other illegal activities. My mom was left all alone to raise two young girls. She’s a strong woman though! When I was eight years old, we moved from Los Angeles to Palm Desert to attend better schools and have a better life. In 2009, our apartment burned down and we struggled to find a new home. In the mean time, we slept on relative’s couches and at one point all three of us lived in one room… But mom never gave up, and God saw us through.”

Mellica.RA560In high school, a few of the Young Adult women at Mellica’s Church, who were also Vanguard University Alumni, brought a group of students to Pre-VU, an annual VU Admissions event for high school and college transfer students. After that experience, Mellica says it was the persistence of admissions counselor Jason Fletcher and God’s provision through scholarships from her local YMCA and Vanguard donors that made her college dreams a reality.

At Vanguard, Mellica flourished. As her studies progressed, Mellica began to take on various leadership roles and responsibilities, such as a Resident Advisor in Catalina Hall, club leadership, and employment as a student worker in the Counseling Center and Disability Services. Mellica credits professors Ed Westbrook and Justin Moser and many staff members, including Kerry Kimble, Elizabeth Banks, Doug Hutchinson, Michele Robison, and Dannae Rushing, for seeing her potential and helping realize her abilities.

“It seems as if everyone here loves what they do and sees their work as more than a job. They go above and beyond to have relationships with students and to model what Godly living and loving really are. The alumni are wonderful to. I’m so grateful for the mentoring network, especially Jennifer Summers who has given me a lot of wonderful career advice and insight. The opportunity to be a part of this amazing community is something I will never take for granted. ”

Mellica.Intern560After graduation, Mellica plans to work in the VU Disability Services office as a full-time employee. Ultimately, her goal is to work as a Human Resource Manager in the area of training and development.

“My life’s verse is Philippians 1:6. I want to help others rest in God’s faithfulness. I want to help them realize that no matter what they’ve gone through in life, God has brought them this far and he’s not going to leave them— now or ever. By helping people reach their career goals, I hope to encourage them that with God’s help they can do anything He calls them to.”

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A Dream Come True


Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! (Psalm 34:8)


When you first meet Isaac Brandt Samuelson, a Freshman Communication major at Vanguard University, his passion for Vanguard and his gratitude for those who have helped him along the way radiates as he tells his story.


“I’m just a poor missionary kid. I wouldn’t be here—-pursuing God’s calling in my life—- if it weren’t for the generosity of so many wonderful Vanguard donors. I’m grateful for every day and want them to know I’m working hard to make the best of every opportunity.”


Growing up, Isaac bounced from Iowa to Costa Rica to Minnesota and finally to China, where he completed high school. Despite the changes and challenges, Isaac says God’s hand in his life has always been evident.


“As a young kid through several moves and many difficult family situations, God has been with me all the way. So when I met Vanguard University Alumni André (’11)  and Joanna (’07) Abrantes in China, I wasn’t surprised to feel that He was leading me to Vanguard too. When I visited the campus, it was so apparent this was ordained all along.”


Isaac.family560Self-taught in a variety of musical instruments and with a passion in audio engineering, Isaac finds Vanguard the perfect atmosphere to pursue his dreams and goals. In fact, Isaac sees Vanguard as a place with so many open doors he’s jumped in and is participating in as much as he possibly can. From performing as a vocalist in the Jazz combo, to working as a soundboard technician, and freelancing as a sound engineer, Isaac considers all of these opportunities “a dream come true.”


After VU, Isaac hopes to continue his education in film. He knows his success will be in part due to the mentoring of so many Vanguard professors and faculty members. Although Isaac’s only been here a short time, he feels he’s already been given so much.


“My professors are more than teachers…they are my family members and friends. I have been particularly impacted by Naomi Kasa (Assistant Communications Professor), David Paltza (Coordinator of Concert Operations), and Kenneth Foerch (Associate Professor of Music, Director of Jazz Studies). Through their example I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail, but at the same time they’re pushing me to be better in every way possible. Someday, I want to do the same for others. Whether it’s through making films or whatever else God has for me, I hope to share my life’s verse Psalm 34:8. God is good! He is faithful! He was faithful to me through the difficult parts of growing up, he’s been faithful to lead me here to Vanguard, and He continues to be faithful by providing generous scholarship donors. Through my story, I hope others will see His faithfulness in their lives as well. ”


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I Am Home!



Librado Hernandez
Vanguard University: Class of 2016
Business Administration Management major

I grew up not having much or thinking highly of myself. My dad was in a gang and my mom was an immigrant who worked hard cleaning houses. It was often up to me to care for my younger brother and sister. As their role model, I wanted to show them how to succeed so I set big goals for myself – like being the first person in my family to attend college.

At one point, my dad went to prison and that’s where he met Christ. It changed our entire family! Unfortunately, after his release, he fell back into his old habits. It was then that I began to question everything, and at one point I was even suicidal. Praise God that, in my despair, He revealed to me just how real He is and how much He loves me. And now, my entire family believes in Christ.

When it came time to choose a college, I was a bit lost. Since I was the first in my family to attend a university, I applied to a lot of big and prestigious schools. But, when an admissions counselor from Vanguard University visited my high school, I was intrigued. He was the only one that talked to me like a real person and he seemed genuinely interested in me. I took him up on his offer to visit the campus in Costa Mesa and I immediately knew, “I am home!”

I’m so thankful for every day that I’m here at Vanguard. My education opened the doors for me to pursue my dreams. I won’t forget the donors who opened these doors for me, and I hope someday I can do the same for others so they can achieve their dreams.

The donors who have provided me with a scholarship have made an investment that impacts much more than just my life. They have also shown my little brother and sister that it’s possible to dream big and afford college. I hope my example will inspire others as well.

At VU, my professors and spiritual mentors have shown me that life is not a bunch of random experiences. They’ve also helped me realize that God will use my whole story, every circumstance and hardship, for His good.

Through my Business classes, I’ve been able to obtain a great internship, and my goal is to start my own company, writing and animating stories. While my dreams are big, I still rely on 2 Corinthians 12:9-12 to push me ahead. I’ve always felt like I had to rely solely on my strength, and that was so overwhelming. What a relief it is to know that in my weakness, God is strong. I now let my weaknesses empower me and motivate me to see what Christ can accomplish through me.

With God’s help, I hope to make a great impact on the lives of those who may be struggling with poverty or helplessness. No matter where you come from or who you are, you can always find hope in Christ. I pray the Lord will use the talents he has given me to share that message with those who need it most.


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He Restores My Soul



After studying at a Bible College in her homeland of Finland, Business major Alina Juntunen made the decision to transfer to Vanguard University. “I knew of Vanguard in high school because they came to events I attended with my youth group. Then, a few close friends of mine started attending there, and I visited them often. I began to feel connected and accepted, and it felt like home.


“I’ve enjoyed becoming part of this community. It’s truly a family, and feeling connected has been such a great experience for me. I love my classes and professors! The professors have made me excited about studying Business.


Alina.beach560“I’m learning so much, and I’m surrounded by amazing people who share my faith. To me, Vanguard means community. It means people that love me, teach me, encourage me, and people that I can do the same for. It means that my story matters, as well as the stories of all the people I meet. My experiences and relationships at Vanguard University are something I could not get somewhere else, and to me that is priceless.


“I believe that God will use my time here to invest in relationships with people just like people are investing in me. They encourage and challenge me to see things differently, to view things like Jesus would, to be patient, to be more open-minded, to put my own desires aside. My friends make me a better person. I see Jesus in my relationships at VU, and that’s beautiful to me.”


Alina.solo.color560In addition to her growing relationships and connections with the Vanguard community, Alina has also experienced tremendous growth in her faith and spiritual formation.


“My relationship with God is continually evolving and I’m truly learning what it is to seek Him. I appreciate the effort and talent and time that goes into chapels and teaching so much, because it is no small task. But I am definitely gaining so much from all of it. I especially love the VU Spiritual Formation team (From the Vine Music) for producing and creating their new worship album. It’s incredible, and I’m so proud to be a part of the school that is producing such talent and something that others can enjoy.

After Alina graduates, she plans to travel to see more of the world that my God has created.


“There is so much to discover out there and I have barely gotten a taste. I also hope to be involved in an organization that is helping other people. I have a lot of different passions, and I don’t know yet how they will all come together, but I believe that God will use my talents and passions for His kingdom. I would love to start my own non-profit or be involved in managing an organization that I truly have a heart for. I’m an artist as well as a global enthusiast, so I would want to use my art and passion for people of the world, as well as my logic and management-oriented mind in the best way possible. I also deeply desire to have a family, and I want to show God’s love to people in my life through my relationships with them. I believe that’s my ministry, first and foremost.


Alina.garden560“There’s a verse that God has continually used in my life to speak to me in times where I’ve truly needed to lean on Him and trust in Him to bring me peace. Psalm 23: 1-3 has been extremely powerful in my life. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul.”


Alina is grateful that she made the decision to attend Vanguard University, which was only possible thanks to the support from generous donors.


“I receive a yearly academic scholarship from Vanguard, and if it wasn’t for that, I would not be able to afford school. It is because of this financial aid that many of the students here, including myself, are able to participate and be involved in this incredible community of learning and sharing our faith. There is truly a reward for everyone because of what these people make possible.”


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Sarah Godfrey, Vanguard University

A Priceless Experience

Sarah Godfrey, Vanguard University

Sarah Godfrey, a sophomore History and Political Science major, followed God’s call to Vanguard from her hometown in Forest Grove, Oregon and quickly learned that following His call doesn’t mean there won’t be worry or fear in the process: “It’s our human nature to feel those things. However, even in those times of fear and worry, God is still present and unfolding the adventures He has for me in this new season of life. There were times that I contemplated moving back to Oregon. Through the encouragement I received from my parents, my RA, and friends new and old, I chose to stay at Vanguard and it was the best decision I made. The people I’ve met at Vanguard are people that truly know what it means to be a friend. They are constantly uplifting one another, rejoicing in their friends’ happy moments, being empathetic in times of sorrow, and are always up for adventures.”

Sarah.friend560Sarah credits the relationships she’s built at Vanguard with also helping her grow spiritually. “I’m learning to trust that God will take care of me and learning to fully understand just how powerful and sovereign He is. He is all powerful, and yet, He chooses to be in partnership with us. He even sent His son to die for us even when He knew we could make the choice not to love Him back. That’s pretty powerful. Something that I will always be working on, is not having a difference between my “life” and my “spiritual life”. I think it is so easy for us to make God an “add on” or “side dish” to our life and that’s not what I want. I want spend all of my life being submerged in relationship with Him.”

Before she came to Vanguard, one of Sarah’s greatest struggles was feeling inadequate. “My Anthropology professor, Dr. Adam Ayers, asked me what I wanted to do with my degree. When I answered, ‘I’ll probably just teach high school history,’ he said that I might want to consider teaching college students instead. I told him ‘thank you, but that I wasn’t quite smart enough for that.’ When he replied, ‘I think you underestimate how intelligent you actually are,’ I felt so encouraged!”

Asked what makes Vanguard special, Sarah points to how the professors integrate faith into the curriculum, the tight-knit community, and the opportunities for mentorship. “The professors do such a wonderful job at showing that God is not only in Bible classes and church—He is in math, science, theater, anthropology—He is in everything. I also love Vanguard’s opportunities for mentorship. I’m currently participating in the Story Shapers Mentorship program in which we are paired with Vanguard Alumni and meet with them once a week. Getting to hear the perspective of someone who has been in my shoes and gotten through all of it has been so helpful in figuring out how to make the best of my time here.”

Sarah.group560After she graduates, Sarah would like to work with college students in some capacity whether it as a professor, an Admissions Counselor, or a Resident Director. She plans to get her teaching credential for K-12 as well. “I would also like to be able to bless Vanguard students by financially supporting academic scholarships and through being a mentor and speaking into the lives of college students. In general, I just hope to bless others through the skills I’ve learned and love of Christ I’ve developed here at Vanguard. I love 2 Timothy 1:7 that says ‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind’ because it reminds me that because of God’s great love for us, we no longer have to live in the shadows. We can step into the light and be known and be loved. Because of his great love and being made in His image, we are given power and the capacity to love in powerful ways.”





Beauty of My Story



In the spring of 2014, Christine Correa, junior Worship Studies major from Sacramento, was faced with a devastating realization that she might have to drop out of Vanguard because of finances. Because she is the first member of her family to attend college, she hoped and prayed that funding would become available so she could complete her education. Fortunately, she was able to receive enough aid to continue.


“God is faithful! He is always looking out for His children. It helps me to remember that God is always with me, hears me and takes care of me.”


Christine has flourished because of the whole Vanguard Community. “Every time I come on campus it just feels like home. I have never been to a place that is so welcoming and has made me feel so loved. Sarah Scott, head of Worship Studies took me under her wing as a daughter and prayed over me, encouraged me and fought for me. She believed in me when I could not believe in myself.


Music Dept“Vanguard to me means a second chance. When I first came here, I was broken wanting to give up because I saw no worth in myself, but now all I see are endless opportunities. God completely changed me. I now see the beauty of my story, and know that I can do all things through Christ. Above all, I want to use my life to bless and serve others.”


Each year, performing in the Christmas Fantasia concerts is a highlight of students’ musical arts experience at Vanguard. “It’s so exciting for us to share the gifts God has given us and bless those who come.” This year, Dr. James Melton, director of the Music Department, had the honor of presenting Christine with a special scholarship during one of the performances.


“It is because of your spiritual gift of giving that allows students like me to not only attend college, but to be able to study the arts. I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart to those who invest in our education. You all have been a true blessing to the lives of every student–thank you for believing in us!”



Gifts to the Annual Fund at Vanguard help fund scholarships to deserving students like Christine as well as support needs in the different departments like Music. Thank you for your generosity that makes such a difference in our students’ ability to realize their God-given potential.


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Corrine Meekhof

Clear Calling on my Life

Corrine Meekhof

My name is Corrine Meekhof, and I am a senior Liberal Studies major from Wrightwood, California.


I heard about Vanguard University from a friend as a new Christian. The first time I visited VU, there was an incredible sense of community and God’s love seemed to radiate out of students all over campus. I had never felt a clear calling on my life until I visited Vanguard and felt that this was where God was calling me. It was overwhelmingly evident that this is where I would spend the next four years, but I just had no idea how that was going to work out financially. If it were not for financial aid, I would definitely not be here. I had fallen in love with Vanguard and was crushed when I did not think I would be able to afford it. At that point in my life I did not have an understanding of God’s provision, so I was really discouraged. Seeing God provide each semester has strengthened my faith in stepping into where God has called me and has ultimately increased my trust in Him. I cannot imagine how different my life would look if I was unable to attend Vanguard because of finances.


I don’t know if saying thank you to those who financially support Vanguard students is enough.


My prayer is that my contribution to this world during and after life at Vanguard can be a thank you. It is only because of their generous donations that I am able to obtain a degree and move on to reach my goal of becoming a teacher. The supporters are moving forth the Kingdom of God by allowing Vanguard students to feel empowered and chase after their dreams and, even more importantly, the call God has placed on their lives.


Vanguard Residence Life It is so interesting to think back to what my goals were when I first stepped foot on Vanguard’s campus. I started as an accounting major strictly because I wanted a job with stability. During my freshman year at Vanguard, I learned a lot about the importance of following God’s calling on my life. The following summer, I had a strong calling to switch my major to Liberal Studies and become a teacher. Details have unfolded since then and my ultimate goal is to become a middle school math teacher, and someday down the road also direct a middle school’s Associated Student Body (ASB) program. I would also love to teach abroad at some point, maybe during my time off during the summer. I am currently applying to masters programs in Oregon to pursue the next step of this adventure.


One word to sum up my experience at Vanguard would be growth.


Within that are relationships that have guided me through this growing process and the intentionality of Vanguard staff to create opportunities for me to be stretched. Some things that have contributed to my growth are the mission trips I have gone on since I have been here, being in Student Government Association my junior year, and being a Resident Assistant this year.


Fiji-kids560When I came to Vanguard, God placed people in my life who have helped me identify who I really am. I think my biggest struggle growing up was finding my worth in God. I was deeply impacted by the negative things people said to me in middle school, and I have carried those things with me ever since. My mentors and closest friends here at Vanguard have shown me nothing but grace and love during this journey of processing where these feelings of low self-worth came from. They never fail to point me to Jesus and remind me that my worth is in Him.


I cannot fully express how much I value the friendships I have made at Vanguard. I specifically remember a conversation I had with my roommate during freshman year, where we talked about how we had deeper conversations in the first week of college than we had in any of the years leading up to college. My friendships here have taught me the importance of vulnerability and being genuine. I have learned so much from the people I am surrounded by simply through the way they live their lives. Vanguard creates so many opportunities to grow deeper with my peers and continuously build new relationships. I am convinced that God has used Vanguard to allow me to meet certain people that will be a part of my life forever. When I picture my life in 30 years and think of the people that I will be surrounded by, the majority of those people are friends I have made at Vanguard.


Vanguard has had everything to do with my spiritual formation. I had called myself a Christian towards the end of high school, but I did not know what it looked like to live out my faith until my first year at Vanguard. Just being surrounded by friends who care about my walk with God has been huge. I have loved being a part of a community who holds me accountable and leads me to ask myself questions about my faith. I can guarantee that I will carry the lessons I have learned here with me in life beyond college.

Fiji Mission Trip

Vanguard will forever hold a place in my heart. It is where I have built some of the most genuine friendships, where I first heard God’s voice and have grown closer to Him ever since, and has shaped me in so many ways. Being a Christian does not mean I attempt perfection and get angry with myself when I fall short. I have realized that it is about loving others and showing Christ’s love through my actions. God loves me unconditionally and pours grace on me so I can do the same to others. I hope and pray that I can show grace to others in and out of the classroom because of what I have learned at Vanguard, that they would look at the transformation I have experienced, and that God would be glorified through that. I know that I have learned so much from the people around me here and that I have been blessed by so many of my relationships. It would be amazing to impact one person in a way that I have been impacted at Vanguard.


Romans 12:2 would be my “life verse” if I had to choose just one. It is a good reminder to not live for this world, but to live for Jesus who can transform us from the inside out. Vanguard has played a huge role in this transformation process in my life so far.


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A Life-changing Blesssing



Hi, my name is Lucas Brawner, and I’m a senior Psychology major at Vanguard.


I have a very supportive family back home in Hesperia, CA. My immediate family consists of my mom, twin sister, and our 3 little dogs. My strongest influence on my life would definitely be my mom. She has been a perfect example of strength and resilience throughout my entire life. As a single parent, she was responsible for raising a set of twins, working full-time, and climbing out of financial debt that some of life’s curveballs had put us in. She was able to do all of these things with the support of her siblings, and that really showed me the power behind family. Seeing her triumph over the hard times gave me something to strive for when I’m all grown up. To this day I am still learning so much from her, and am proud to call her my mom.


As a twin, my family has had to worry about two private college tuitions, but God always found a way to provide. The generosity that has come from Vanguard’s supporters has made it possible for me to attend all four years of my undergrad, and that is something that I could not be more thankful for! I don’t know if everyone understands how much of a blessing it is to receive scholarship money, but it really is a life-changing blessing for students like me. In a way, they have even had a hand in shaping the person I have become by enabling me to be at Vanguard for as long as I have. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough for the people who respond when God puts the act of giving on their hearts. Thank you so much.


When I came to Vanguard as a freshman, I quickly realized that this campus was filled with acceptance, understanding, and grace. Vanguard is a place where classmates and professors alike empower each other to strive towards Jesus and our individual callings.


There have been so many great memories here. I’ll never forget when our Men’s Basketball Team had a successful playoff run that led to a NAIA title last year. Not only because I’m obsessed with the sport, but also because it was the event that Vanguard really needed in order to unite our entire community. Supporting our team brought students, professors, and administrators all together in a very unique fashion.


I have had nothing but positive experiences with professors while at VU. In particular, Elizabeth Powell in the Psychology department has exponentially increased my love for the field, and has sparked my interest in clinical work while taking multiple courses with her. I hope to go into secondary education and teach Psychology. I love Psychology because it helps me learn how to understand people, and in turn, know how to help people. I want to make a positive impact on the people around me. My goal is to be someone people don’t hesitate to come to for help. I love relationships, and psychology has helped me gain a more complete understanding of what healthy relationships entail.


Vanguard has taught me how to express myself spiritually not only with God but with other believers as well. That was a tough thing to do in my public high school. Spiritual formation has guided me as I explored the depths of my own personal faith. Vanguard provides a safe place where it’s okay to ask the tough questions, and to acknowledge doubt and struggles. Through recognizing my weaknesses here, VU has empowered me to ask for help and to grow spiritually out of those weaknesses.


I have so much school pride for Vanguard. Being honored with the opportunities to participate in leadership here through Student Government and Residence Life has really shaped me into the person I am today. I have never felt more at home here. Being a student leader on campus has given me many opportunities to mentor people around me. Having the opportunity to pour into my residents as an RA last year was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs that I have ever had. While walking with students through their time here, relationships were formed that I will never lose. I never thought that I would grow as closely as I have with so many people. Ironically, I think I learned more from my residents than what they probably learned from me as their mentor. For example, they taught me what pure joy looks like. I naturally tended to stress myself out with self-implemented expectations, but my residents’ stress-free approach to their own lives really opened my eyes. They taught me how to not take myself so seriously all of the time.


The friendships that I have made here are ones that will impact me for my entire life. There is a deeper level of friendship that I have tapped into with a lot of my college friends, and those relationships have really influenced me to continue to grow into that person that God wants me to be. I know for a fact that I am going to continue to learn from my friends as I finish my time here at VU, and start the next stage of life with them by my side.


One of my favorite verses is: “Be strong and courageous! Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9


At Vanguard I learned that I am enough. I am enough for Jesus. I came into college with a strong feeling of inadequacy and brokenness, but all that has been put behind me. It took me two years here to finally realize that God had forgiven me ages ago, and that the people around me would accept me just like He did. Out of that came an overwhelming sense of belonging and acceptance.


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Anything is Possible


My name is DeAngelo Jones,
and I’m a senior Communication major from Spokane, Washington.


I have had a lot of people that have influenced my life in a number of different ways. My oldest brother A.J. is an officer in the U.S. Army and my other brother Griffon is in graduate school in North Dakota. Both my parents are retired U.S. Air Force.


I’ve been blessed with great mentors, coaches, friends and family, but the biggest influence I have had on my life is my Mom. Because of her work schedule, my mom has never really been able to see me play any sports since I was a kid. She works so hard to support, love, and just be there for my brothers and me regardless of what happens. Her work ethic and how much she supports us have influenced me to be a hard working person no matter what my circumstances are. She is my motivation in just about everything I do.


BasketballOne of the biggest struggles for me was when I tore my ACL and lateral meniscus during basketball season at the Junior College I was attending. There was a time when I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play basketball again or if I would get recruited. I didn’t want to put that entire financial burden on my parents because it was already physically and mentally exhausting. Fortunately, my friends, family, and coaches encouraged me through my physical therapy and were there to bring me joy throughout that whole process.


I eventually received an athletic scholarship at Vanguard University. Basketball is what brought me here, but I realized God brought me through earlier challenges to shape me into who He wanted me to be. Although I did not grow up in a Christian home, he planted seeds my whole life to assure me that He was there for me. He never forgot about me or pushed me away even when I ran from Him.


The community at Vanguard is something special. I have never really seen anything like it! The way people love and treat each other around campus is so unique. I knew it was a place where I could grow.


I have had some great professors, but my main mentor was Brian “Boomer” Roberts, the assistant coach on the Men’s Basketball team. He led me to Christ and continued to encourage me in my walk with the Lord regardless of my struggles.


MissionFINALThe friendships I have made at Vanguard University are truly something special because I have met people from all different walks of life and who have some pretty miraculous stories. The friends that I have made here are people that would literally do anything for me. Also, the people that I am surrounded by constantly challenge me to become a better person and encourage me to become the man that God wants me to be. It’s great having friends who hold me accountable to own my faith. They shape me in great ways.


What I love most about being at Vanguard is the strong sense of community with my lifelong friends. There is really nothing like it. It has made my faith grow stronger in what I believe. I went on a mission’s trip with VU Athletics to Tanzania over the summer that completely changed my perception about a lot of things. That experience made me realize that with Jesus Christ anything is possible.


I have a lot of plans for my future. My goal is to work for a public relations agency, but I also want to create a clothing brand that can be used to share God’s message. I’d like to be a motivational speaker and share my story to help troubled kids or help out with a church ministry.


One of my favorite verses is: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) I feel like God brought me to Vanguard University to know Him better so I can be just that – A light to the world. I am excited to do that now and especially when I graduate!


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Down the Right Road


My name is Vandella Jasso,
and I’m a junior majoring in Business Administration from Galt, CA.


I have never been more excited for what God has for me because I have learned so much about how beautifully crafted each of our stories are. I am known and seen here at Vanguard and in a society like this world’s, that’s difficult to come across.


I realized I needed to go to a Christian college to keep going down the right road with my faith and life. I wanted an education that incorporated faith into the schooling because I desired to learn more about my personal relationship with Christ and the Bible simultaneously. It was very important to me to surround myself with other believers so that I could be immersed in a community that continually pushed me to be a better person and explore what life God has designed for me specifically. I decided to make Vanguard my next big decision. Since then, it has been the best decision that I’ve ever made.


I have been stretched, pushed, cradled, and loved more than ever before. I have authentic friendships and incredible mentors in Student Leadership, my classes, and the Redemption church that I am a part of in Costa Mesa.


PeruOne professor in particular has mentored me since the beginning of my journey at Vanguard. Two years ago, as a first semester Freshman, I met my Persuasive Writing professor, Karrie Preasmyer. The first day of class I was drawn to the way she cared more about how we were doing with the transition into college individually than quickly jumping into the course work. That day, I asked her to be my mentor because we had been encouraged to seek out someone to walk with us throughout our Vanguard experience. Ever since, we have been meeting throughout the semesters and she has welcomed me into her home to spend time with her family and has been walking with me through my journey at Vanguard. She has been a consistent supporter and encourager in all areas of my life. She inspires me to follow my passions, to love others with intention and seek God in it all.


Receiving financial aid has created a way for me to be able to attend this school. No other school that I have come across has this much financial support for their students. It shows that alumni and donors believe in Vanguard and what we stand for and that is the most precious gift, more than just a check. The message behind those dollar signs means the world to me because I am benefiting not only financially, but I am evolving into the person that God created me to be and I could not see myself going through life anywhere else.


After I graduate, I am looking forward to using my Business degree and Sociology minor to work in the nonprofit sector to help others in the way God has gifted me. I hope to use the business techniques and passion for helping people in a capacity of higher leadership within a nonprofit. I know God will use my desire for traveling in this area as well, as long as I remain open and willing to follow wherever He will take me.


I desire to continue spending time traveling the world and learning more about other cultures and different ways of life. This love of travel was first sparked when I went out of the country for the first time at eleven years old with an organization, People to People. After exploring England and Scotland then Australia the following summer, I knew I could do more than travel and enjoying the world as my playground. My first mission’s trip was to Chapultepec, Mexico with my home church Horizon Community Church in Galt, CA. Every year since I was fifteen I have been back, either building houses or leading teams in ministering to orphanages. With the experience in missions and traveling I have been blessed with, I pray that God continues to take me around the world to minister and serve in any capacity that He equips me with.


Different chapel opportunities, Theology classes and conversations with peers have pushed me to learn more about the Bible, different denominations and my own personal relationship with Christ. I have been able to have some of the deepest conversations I have ever been faced with because of the safe and open space that is here at Vanguard; it really is a very special environment.


MexicoI never could have thought up the plan that has been unfolding over the last two years here at VU. I continually reflect on how far God has brought me and how faithful He has been to me through the good, the bad and the ugly.


Over the last two years I have not been able to spend a significant amount of time at home however I have been incredibly blessed to have two amazing parents and two precious siblings that have given me the opportunity to step away from the role as the eldest sibling to find myself with Christ. When I do get the opportunity to travel back home, we spend time together that is much more meaningful than ever before. They have been the constant supporters that have continually reminded me where I come from and what I am living for throughout all the change and growth I have experienced.


I have never been more excited for what God has for me because I have learned so much about how beautifully crafted each of our stories are. I am known and seen here at Vanguard and in a society like this world’s, that’s difficult to come across.


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