What is Human Trafficking?

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Podcast 143: Why was Sandie in Istanbul?
Podcast 142: Where is the Anti-Human Trafficking Movement Going?
Podcast 141: A View From the Bench- Part 2
Podcast 140: A View From the Bench – Part 1
Podcast 139: Ethical Dilemas
Podcast 138: The Role of Victim Advocates
Podcast 137: Interview With Prosecutors: John Cotton Richmond & Victor Boutros
Podcast 136: We CAN Coalition
Podcast 135: Collaborations and Ethical Decision Making
Podcast 134: Ethical Decision Making
Podcast 133: An Ethics Overview
Podcast 132: Ensure Justice: Principle and Practice
Podcast 131: RAAP – Pornography: Fantasy or Reality
Podcast 130: Dr. Becca Johnson – Trauma Sensitivity
Podcast 129: Behind the Scenes- Preparing a Community to Rescue
Podcast 128: Mapping Argentina – An Interview with Father Sergio Augusto Navarro
Podcast 127: Prepare to Join the Battle
Podcast 126: Meet the Professor, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Podcast 125: Meet the Professor, Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate

Podcast 124: Prevention- Trauma Informed and Transformational Schools
Podcast 123: Prosecutor’s Perspective – Interview with Brad Schoenleben
Podcast 122: Pornography: A Public Health Crisis- Part 2
Podcast 121: Pornography: A Public Health Crisis
Podcast 120: Hotels and Human Trafficking
Podcast 119: Ensure Justice: Vulnerable Children
Podcast 118: Slavery- From Compassion Fatigue to Empathy
Podcast 117: The Essential Abolitionist
Podcast 116: A Marathon- Train, Sustain, Focus
Podcast 115: National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Podcast 114: From Awareness to Engagement – The Role of Education
Podcast 113: How can I open a home for victims of CSEC?
Podcast 112: Juvenile Justice Inspiring Hope- An interview with the Hon. Maria Hernandez
Podcast 111: Collaborating against Human Trafficking
Podcast 110: Just Choices- Is it Too Complicated?
Podcast 109: Prevention – Saving up for a Rainy Day
Podcast 108: Survivor Voices – Code Red Films
Podcast 107: Argentina GCWJ Country Study & Ensure Justice
Podcast 106: Health Consequences of Human Trafficking

Podcast 105: What You Need to Know About Statistics
Podcast 104: The Role of Psychologists: The APA Report on Trafficking of Women and Girls
Podcast 103: Labor Trafficking: An Interview with Alameda Deputy District Attorney Dan Roisman
Podcast 102: Ensure Justice 2015: What You Missed
Podcast 101: Mother’s Day Challenges, Champions, and Celebrations

Podcast 100: What do you want to know?

Podcast 99: Pornography: Driving Demand

Poscast 98: What’s a Sustainable Development Goal and Why Does it Matter in Anti-Human Trafficking?
Podcast 97: Collaborative Challenge: A Conversation with Alexis Miller
Podcast 96: Coaching Live2Free Peer Educators
Podcast 95: Human Trafficking in American Schools
Podcast 94: What does the United Nations Offer to the Campaign to End Human Trafficking?
Podcast 93: Examining 928 Opportunities Using Time-Tested Principles
Podcast 92: Victims with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
Podcast 91: Rescue and the Stages of Change
Podcast 90: Community Engagement Part 2
Podcast 89: Community Engagement Part 1
Podcast 88: A Keynote Address with Jody Hassett Sanchez
Podcast 87: Law Enforcement: Building Trust with Community Partners
Podcast 86: Community Engagement – Volunteers Matter
Podcast 85: Prevention that Empowers – A Biblical Best Practice Model 
Podcast 84: Be the 1 – Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign
Podcast 83: Human Trafficking “Coffee Break” Training
Podcast 82: Count the Cost – Another Aspect of Coordination
Podcast 81: An Interview with Claudio Magnabosco
Podcast 80: Trafficking in Persons Report 2014 and Media
Podcast 79: 
Refuse to Do Nothing, Revisited
Podcast 78: Beyond Passion
Podcast 77: Frontline Summit 2013
Podcast 76: An Insider Look at Human Trafficking in Argentina
Podcast 75: World Hope International: Introducing Lisa Thompson
Podcast 74: Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking
Podcast 73: Hidden Girl: The True Story if a Modern Day Child Slave – A Conversation with Shyima Hall
Podcast 72: A Dozen Myths About Human Trafficking (Part 2)
Podcast 71: A Dozen Myths About Human Trafficking (Part 1)
Podcast 70: How the Travel Industry Can Fight Human Trafficking
Podcast 69: Cyber Crimes & Brittany’s Story
Podcast 68: The Price of Life in NYC
Podcast 67: White Ribbon Against Pornography
Podcast 66: Refugee Resettlement, Reducing Risk for Human Trafficking
Podcast 65: President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Podcast 64: The Global Center for Women and Justice Turns 10!
Podcast 63: Teachers are on the Frontline
Podcast 62: The Price of Life NYC
Podcast 61: Interview with Fatuma Hashi
Podcast 60: Operation Cross Country
Podcast 59: One Love for Nurses
Podcast 58: New Laws in California
Podcast 57: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!
Podcast 56: Interview with Husseina Akil Bangshika – Nigerian Women Against Violence Conference
Podcast 55: How are We Connected to a Collapsed Bangladesh Factory?
Podcast 54: The Keys to Freedom
Podcast 53: My First Ensure Justice Podcast
Podcast 52: Cyber Exploitation Prevention: Predict, Protect, Practice, and Pray
Podcast 51: Reports from the Field – Networking and Building Community at Conferences
Podcast 50: Refuse to Do Nothing
Podcast 49: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Podcast 48: International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
Podcast 47: Partnership: Law Enforcement and Church Leaders
Podcast 46: Knowledge of Harms – A Demand Reduction Strategy
Podcast 45: War, Conflict, and Human Trafficking – Featuring Esther & Camille Ntoto
Podcast 44: Technology and Human Trafficking
Podcast 43: Truckers Against Trafficking– An Interview with Kendis Paris
Podcast 42: Report on the California Attorney General Leadership Symposium on Human Trafficking
Podcast 41: Preventing Trafficking by Preventing Homelessness
Podcast 40: Fighting Domestic Violence in America
Podcast 39: Fighting Domestic Violence in Iraq
Podcast 38: Prevention Strategies Focused on Needs
Podcast 37: Interview with Harmony Dust
Podcast 36: Why Healthcare Providers Matter and What They Can Do
Podcast 35: Internet Safety Resources for Teachers
Podcast 34: The 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report
Podcast 33: How Vocabulary Shapes Our Views
Podcast 32: Push and Pull Factors in Trafficking
Podcast 31: Studying the Issues in Zambia
Podcast 30: Survivor Advocates in Community Advocacy
Podcast 29: Leading Community Advocacy
Podcast 28: Stop Blaming the Victim
Podcast 27: What’s in a Label?
Podcast 26: Lessons from the Prosecutor’s Desk
Podcast 25: Ensure Justice 2012 Conference Highlights
Podcast 24: Prevention Lessons from Public Health Campaigns
Podcast 23: Victim Needs Served by the Salvation Army
Podcast 22: Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through
Podcast 21: Serving Youth in Las Vegas
Podcast 20: Community Engagement to End Human Trafficking
Podcast 19: Runaway Girl
Podcast 18: Planning for National Freedom Day
Podcast 17: California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
Podcast 16: Gangs and Human Trafficking
Podcast 15: Homelessness and Human Trafficking – How They Connect
Podcast 14: Cause and Effect in Human Trafficking
Podcast 13: All Request Show – Your Questions and Our Answers
Podcast 12: How to Keep Kids Safe Online
Podcast 11: The Frontlines of Ending Human Trafficking
Podcast 10: How a Small Business Can Help End Human Trafficking
Podcast 9: Learn the “PUSH” Factors in Human Trafficking
Podcast 8: Partnering With Students to End Human Trafficking
Podcast 7: The Fouth “P” in the Trafficking in Persons Report
Podcast 6: Maria’s Human Trafficking Story
Podcast 5: Annual Trafficking in Persons Report
Podcast 4: Physiology of Children in Human Trafficking
Podcast 3: Children in Human Trafficking
Podcast 2: Human Trafficking is BIG Business
Podcast 1: What is Human Trafficking?

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