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Study the Issues: Human Trafficking

Develop new skills and build expertise in the area of human trafficking to update your professional profile, broaden your knowledge base, and keep up with the changes in your field. Take one course or all four for the 12 unit -Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate. This Certificate is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of anti-trafficking efforts. The courses are aligned with best practice models following the 4 P’s model of Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnership adopted by the US State Department’s Office to Combat and Monitor Trafficking in Persons. Taught by experts in the subject matter, these four courses provide individuals and professionals with the knowledge base to identify roles, best practices, and strengthen community efforts to combat all forms of human trafficking and exploitation.

Beyond these foundational anti-trafficking courses, The Global Center for Women and Justice will develop additional courses focused on specialized knowledge.

The Human Trafficking Professional Courses are ideal for individuals and professionals working in:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Elementary and secondary education
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Social Services and Child Welfare
  • Juvenile Justice system
  • Hotel and Travel industries



Register for the Human Trafficking Professional Courses today! Individuals may register for these courses as a Student-at-large or as a full- or part-time student at Vanguard University.

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