1: What is Human Trafficking?

Learn what human trafficking is so that you can begin to study this issue, be a voice, and make a difference in ending it. Sandra Morgan, the Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice and Dave Stachowiak, one of the Center’s board members, discuss “What is human trafficking?”



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  1. cynthia curran
    cynthia curran says:

    Since you were in Greece, do you know that the emperor Justinian passed laws against the brothel keepers in the Byzantine empire in the 530’s. His wife Theodora paid off the brothel keeprs to free the girls. Justinian Code Novels 14 prohibts ensslaving girls in brothels. And according to Procopius in the buildings both Justinian and Theodora also fit up a convent so women that were in prostitution could to live there to escape prostitution.

  2. cynthia curran
    cynthia curran says:

    Actually, OC isn’t that wealthy. Its poverty rate is over 12 percent. States like New Hempshire and Iowa are lower. OC has a lot of poor immirgants in Santa Ana and West Anaheim. Abotu 30 percent of the population is foreign born about 34 percent hispanic and 18 percent asian The population lives in double and triple housing above the national average. Orange County isn’t a Marin County like in the North a lot more immirgants and minorities.


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