Be An Advocate! Act Now to Protect Anti-Trafficking Funding.


  Every year the Presidential administration and the Congress must come to an agreement on the federal budget.  This year the President has proposed a 30% cut to the small, but critical foreign affairs budget.  This funding is essential to many of the programs and projects around the globe that address human trafficking and tackle its root causes through prevention.
The U.S. foreign assistance budget reaches millions around the world, and programs are largely implemented through trusted charitable organizations, like World Vision, with expertise on the ground to ensure the investment isn’t wasted or affected by corruption. While our investment in foreign assistance is less than 1% of our federal budget,  the dollars spent in developing counties literally are the difference between life and death.
Please click on the link below, provided by our partner World Vision, and take 3 minutes to call or write your senators and congressional representative to let them know you want to see full funding of the foreign affairs budget. The link provides all the info you need to know, from a suggested call script to guide you, to the number for your specific congressperson ( it looks it up for you!) 

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