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140: A View From the Bench – Part 1

Did California legalize child prostitution? Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak host Judge Douglas Hatchimonji to talk about the new California legislation regarding child prostitution. They discuss SB13-22 and why there is so much recent debate around it. Judge Hatchimonji was appointed to the Bench in 2003 and was Presiding Juvenile Justice from 2011-2014, and now back at Juvenile Justice. Resources: […]

139: Ethical Dilemas

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak continue their conversation with retired Deputy Chief Derek Marsh about ethical dilemmas, mainly when it comes to media challenges. Just about any consistent work in anti-trafficking will eventually engage the press. Ethical decisions need to guide us when preparing a report or releasing any information  to the press and the […]

138: The Role of Victim Advocates

Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss victim advocates and their roles. Victim advocates make a personal connection with victim survivors by developing trust and building relationships. They undergo specialized training in order to be well informed about how to interact with survivors of trauma. Victim advocates focus on what the survivors need to begin to thrive. […]

137: Interview With Prosecutors: John Cotton Richmond & Victor Boutros

In this episode, Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak introduce two previous federal prosecutors John Cotton Richmond and Victor Boutros to discuss the Human Trafficking Institute. They ask three questions that fall into anti human trafficking strategies: How do we make people less vulnerable to traffickers, how do we care for survivors, and how do […]

January Events for National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month!

Dont forget to check out our TOP 10 ENDING HUMAN TRAFFICKING PODCAST! January 8th: Freedom Sunday at Westminster Christian Assembly. For the 2017 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Dr Sandie Morgan will speak on Joy & Justice: Rescue and the Path to Freedom. 10:30am this Sunday. Address: 14642 Bushard St. Westminster CA. January 11th: Join […]

135: Collaborations and Ethical Decision Making

In this third part of the series on ethics and decision making, Dave, Sandie and Derek continue to explore the importance of ethics in collaborative work. Anti-human Trafficking Collaborations often happen between law enforcement, victim service providers, health care providers and centers, social service agencies, and faith-based/volunteer organizations. With all these collaborations happening to end human […]