2013 Ensure Justice: Cyber Exploitation


2012 Ensure Justice:

Standing Together to End the Exploitation of Girls

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2011 Ensure Justice: Defend Children

The Spring GCWJ Conference will focus on global, national, and local strategies to defend and ensure justice for children. Education, economic justice, reducing demand for exploited children and building community resources for children are building blocks to JUSTICE in the 21st Century.
Millions of children are slaves to feed a global economy of wealth creation.  Children wield machetes to harvest cocoa beans for cheap chocolate, crawl into dark chambers in deep African mines to find precious minerals for our cell phones, work in textile sweatshops and more.
What can we do globally, nationally, and locally to ensure justice for children who have no voice?  Join us February 18-19 to study the issues so that we are better prepared to be a voice and make a difference and defend children from exploitation.
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2010 Justice In Action

The 2010 Justice in Action conference is behind us now, but the rich experience will not be forgotten.
Forensic Pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper opened our eyes to the growing phenomenon of the Normalization of Sexual Harm. Ron and Arbutus Sider enlarged our worldview and understanding of the task before us to respond to issues that marginalize women and children globally. Doug Green provided a biblical context for justice by contrasting Old Testament stories of how women were treated. In the closing plenary, we looked at the Language of Justice that frames our response. Workshops offered focused subject matter that included women in ministry and ministry partners, Salvation Army workshops on serving victims, a Spanish language workshop on human trafficking, and much more.
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2009 Gender & Justice

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2008 Gender & Justice

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2007 Strategies Against Sex Trafficking

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2006 The Gathering

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