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Congratulations to our 10 WOMEN’S STUDIES MINOR GRADUATES of 2016!

The Minor in Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study administrated by the Department of Sociology and Global Center for Women & Justice. The minor is designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical overview of the study of women and women’s issues in society, and will include course work in the social sciences, religion, literature, history, and communications.

The minor requires a total of 21 units: six units in women’s studies and 15 elective units. In completing the requirements for the minor, a minimum of 12 units must be distinct and different from the units used to complete the requirements of a major. Any units above this minimum requirement which can be used to satisfy both the requirements for the minor and for the major may be double counted. General education courses, however, may be used to meet minor requirements, not to exceed nine units.

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Women’s Studies Minor Application 2016-2017

What will YOU do with a Women’s Studies minor? Quotes from Current Students

Alumni achievements include:

– Undercover ICE Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, anti-trafficking unit

– Congressional Recognition for leadership with the Live2Free student mobilization team

– Student research drove demand for fair-trade and slave-free products in local stores in Orange County

– Working on global women’s issues in The Republic of Congo and Nepal

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Women’s Studies Minor: 21 Units Total

Requirements for a minor in Women’s Studies: 6 Units 

WMST110 Introduction to Women’s Studies……………………..2 units

WMST212 Ensure Justice Conference in Women’s Studies…… 1 unit

WMST410 Research in Women’s Studies…………………………3 units

 Electives (3 units each): 15 Units

Select one of the following courses:

ANTH/SOC334 Gender, Culture, and Society
COMM374 Gender Communications

PLST/THEO432 Women in Ministry

Select one of the following courses:

HIST360 Women in American History

OT Special Topics: Women in Early Israel

OT Special Topics: Women in the Books of Samuel

Select two of the following courses:

PSYC/SOC335 Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging

SOCI332 Marriage and the Family

SOC345/PSYC344 Family Violence

SOC/ANTH343 Class, Race, Ethnicity & Gender

ANTH/PSYC/SOC346 Human Sexuality

 Select one of the following courses:

WMST 430 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

WMST 435 Aftercare for Victims of Human Trafficking

WMST 440 Ethics and Human Trafficking

WMST 345 Human Trafficking

Other courses may be considered on a case-by-case basis

ANTH/SOC-470-01Social Justice & Religion

ENGL325 Period Focus: Medieval Romance

ENGL335 Genre Focus

ENGL425 Author Focus

ENGL444 Culture Focus

SOC 470-02 Special Topic: Managing Crisis

SOC 470-03 Special Topic: Migrants & Refugees

THEO470 Special Topic: Social Justice/Biblical Perspective

WMST 450 GCWJ Internship

WMST 452 Women Studies Teaching Internship

WMST 455 Research Assistant

Women’s Studies Minors are invited to intern at the Global Center for

Women and Justice as we study and act on gender injustice globally.

Contact for more information.


Women’s Studies Course Descriptions:

WMST 110  Introduction to Women’s Studies (2 units)
An introductory course to the study of women and contemporary gender issues in society. This course will focus on such issues as the necessity for the study of women, gender as a cultural construct, theological interpretations of the gender, and gender as perceived in history and literature. This course is part of the core requirement for a minor in Women’s Studies.

WMST 212  Conference in Women’s Studies (1 unit)
Students are required to attend one conference sponsored by the Global Center for Women and Justice. A faculty member in the discipline covered by the conference theme will determine course work. May be repeated for credit.

WMST 370 Topics in Women’s Studies
(1-3 units)
Prerequisite: WMST 110. This course concentrates on a particular issue relevant to Women’s Studies students such as gender theory, gender pedagogy, women’s health, women and human trafficking, women in business, or motherhood. May be repeated for credit.
Women Launching Careers

WMST 345 • Human Trafficking (3 units)
This course addresses trafficking based on the US State Department model of Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution. Explores how trafficking happens, why it happens, and what can be done about it. For students interested in combating human trafficking, this course offers a better understanding of professional career choices, as well as volunteer opportunities. The course includes guest speakers with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field from law enforcement and victim services. Counts as an elective towards Women’s Studies Minor.

WMST 410  Research in Women’s Studies (3 units)
Prerequisite: WMST 110 & WMST 210. This course is designed to assist the student in integrating the multi-faceted aspects of women’s issues into a final paper. Working in cooperation with the professor, the student will design and methodically research and write a major paper that reflects an advanced understanding of women in the context of the chosen subject area. Papers from this class will be presented in a public colloquium toward the end of the semester and submitted for publication.

WMST 450 • GCWJ Internship (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Must be on the WMST Minor Track. Students select an internship from the repertoire of projects the Global Center for Women and Justice is currently working on. Students may alternatively choose an internship with one of GCWJ’s partner organizations. Students earn one course of credit for every 30 hours of interning. Course credit also requires short readings and reflection papers. May be repeated once.

WMST 470-01 Special Topic: Human Trafficking Aftercare

An examination of the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of victims in the restoration process.

WMST370 Topics in Women’s Studies: Child Sex Trafficking (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)

This course is an introduction to the study of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. This course will be organized around Prevention, Early Intervention, and Recovery. Theories of child development, prevention, violence, trauma, stages of change and resiliency will be useful to individuals who plan careers in areas such as elementary and secondary education, social services, child welfare,  and juvenile justice. A primary focus of this course will be identify strategies for early intervention with at risk and vulnerable youth.

* This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.

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