66: Refugee Resettlement, Reducing Risk for Human Trafficking [PODCAST]

GCWJ Director Sandie Morgan sits down with the director of World Relief Spokane, Mark Kadel. The World Relief Spokane office works to provide refugee resettlement assistance, employment services, loans, and immigration services to refugees. This podcast episode explores into link between refugee resettlement and ultimately reducing the risk for human trafficking.  Mark and Sandie discuss the link between refugee resettlement and human trafficking comes in with their vulnerability of being stateless then further look into what World Relief Spokane is doing to end human trafficking. Refugees are often in desperate situations and will do what they think will help them survive or protect their family. Through exploitation of these vulnerabilities, traffickers are able to take advantage of refugees.

Before coming to Spokane Mark had a passion for anti-trafficking work and had attended Hands that Heal training as well as won several grants to work with the FBI and start anti-human trafficking task forces. When he relocated to World Relief Spokane he saw that helping trafficked people fits with both the ethos and mission statement of World Relief. Through a focus on decreasing demand, World Relief Spokane is able to empower churches to help in the fight to end human trafficking.



World Relief

World Relief Spokane

World Relief North Carolina

FAAST Hands that Heal Training

Refugee Resettlement Grants

World Affairs

Lutheran Community Services

Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

Coalition to Abolish Human Trafficking, Northwest

Questions about World Relief’s efforts to end slavery? Email: race2endslavery@wr.org

National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC): 888-3737-888

Global Center for Women and Justice

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