54: The Keys to Freedom [PODCAST]

Born in a small village in India, Anuradha Bhosale came from a lower caste and began working as a domestic servant in three homes at the age of 6. Because the families she worked for allowed her to go to school and get an education, Anuradha was able to overcome the challenges in her early years and become a grassroots human rights activist for women and children in India. In this episode of the Ending Human Trafficking Podcast, Director Sandra Morgan and GCWJ Board member Dave Stachowiak hear about Anuradha’s work with women and children in brick factories and on the streets in rural India. She works to engage them through education, helping these groups come to understand and recognize their own human rights. Anuradha shares that when the women and mothers are healthy, they can fight for justice for their children, “I think unless you save the mother, unless you work with these women, it won’t be effective to work with the children.”  For more information, check out the resources below, and share with us on Facebook what you thought of Anuradha’s special skill she learned from the children!


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