49: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint [PODCAST]

Running a marathon takes time, effort, and training in order to cross that finish line. This week’s podcast, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint touches on over-committing,  “sitting on your ego,” and recharging your battery – all necessary when working on large and complex issues. As the Global Center for Women and Justice continues to tackle human trafficking through many different avenues, Director Sandra Morgan and GCWJ Board member Dave Stachowiak discuss the effects of over-committing. We try to put more on our plate than we can handle, but when obstacles appear, we are unable to work successfully. There is more to do than one person or group can handle, but we can effectively fight against human trafficking by first asking ourselves, what can we do as an individual who wants to end human trafficking? We must work on ourselves in order to be effective in ending Human Trafficking.  Suggestions include identifying what recharges you and add it into your week’s schedule. Self-care essentially helps you combat human trafficking without slowly wearing out your spirit.

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