Policies & Procedures

Financial Aid Eligibility

Each student’s award is based on full-time enrollment (12 units or more). Your eligibility may be affected if you change your enrollment status, and funds may be adjusted, rescinded, or returned if you do not enroll as expected. Full-time enrollment is required for aid such as Vanguard Need Grant, Academic Scholarships, and any other awards as noted.

Academic Renewal GPA Policy

Students are required to meet the renewable Grade Point Average (GPA) in order to receive their scholarship for the next academic year. If your GPA does not meet the requirements for that scholarship tier, you will be award the lower amount accordingly. The following are the renewable GPAs for the academic scholarships offered:
*Please note that if you do not meet the renewable GPA for any of the following scholarships you will not be awarded any academic scholarships for the rest of your stay at Vanguard University.

Academic Scholarship

Renewable GPA

Admitted prior to 12/13

Renewable GPA

Admitted 12/13 & later

Presidential 3.2 3.2
Provost 3.0 3.0
Dean 2.8 2.8
Director 2.8 2.6
Founders 2.5 2.5
Gold Pride 2.5 2.4
Bridge n/a 2.0
Lion 1 3.2 3.2
Lion 2 2.8 3.0
Lion 3 2.5 2.8
Lion 4 2.2 2.6
Lion 5 2.2 2.4
3.0 3.0

Repeated Coursework Policy

Courses already taken and for which credit has been granted do not count towards the completion of the quantitative measure of completing 24 units for the year; however, they do count towards the qualitative measure of meeting the minimum GPA requirement of a 2.0 and count towards the maximum time limit.

Appeal Policy & Process

Students have to right appeal their financial aid at any time during their academic career at Vanguard University. When appealing, please make sure that you have clearly documented your extenuating circumstance. The following are viable appeals that students can submit to the financial aid department for consideration. Please note that not all appeals are approved. Please contact your financial aid counselor for more information.


Dependent students who do not fall under the federal requirements to be considered Independent.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Students who do not meet the GPA requirement nor pass all units attempted, will be required to appeal in the event they have been disqualified. See SAP for more information.

Special Circumstance Appeal

We realize that occasionally families experience changes in income, or other events that negatively affect their finances after they have already submitted their FAFSA. If you have had such an occurrence, you may file a Special Circumstance Appeal form. We advise speaking to your financial aid counselor before you do so, in order to avoid submitting an appeal for something we would not consider to be a special circumstance. Please visit the Financial Aid Office to pick up a copy of the form or contact financialaid@vanguard.edu.

General Petition

This can be completed in order to receive pro-rated financial aid.

Maximum Timeframe Appeal

This can be completed in order to receive additional financial aid when you are near or have exceeded the federal or institutional regulations for Max Time Frame. See SAP for more information.

Withdrawals & Returning Financial Aid

Students who stop attending and/or leave the institution without notice will be evaluated as a withdrawal student from the university. Due to this, the Financial Aid Office is required to return a portion of the financial aid awarded (R2T4) to the Department of Education. This calculation is determined based on the number of days the student attended the term. This is considered the amount of financial aid you have “earned” during your stay at Vanguard. The University desires to establish a clear process for students who choose to withdraw from the University. In order to do so, the student must complete the following steps:

    1. Schedule an exit interview with the Office of Student Success and Retention.
    2. Upon completion of the exit interview, the student must complete an Notice of Intent to Withdraw from Vanguard University form (provided at exit interview) which includes obtaining signatures from the following departments:
      • Office of Student Success & Retention
      • Office of the Registrar
      • Student Life
      • Financial Aid Office
      • Office of Accounting Operations
    3. Once all signatures have been obtained and the Notice of Intent to Withdraw from Vanguard University form is complete, the student must return the application to the Office of the Registrar in order for it to be processed and the withdrawal process to be completed. Upon complying with this procedure, the student is then entitled to a refund in keeping with the refund policy found in the Financial Aid Office.
    4. Contact your loan servicer if you do not plan on attending another institution.
    5. Tuition refunds will be made for withdrawal from the University or course load reduction when an official withdrawal form or an official add/drop form is filed with the Registrar’s Office. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of the official forms by the Registrar’s Office according to the tuition refund schedule.

Refund Schedule

  • Prior to the First Class Session 100%
  • Through the Second Week of the Semester* 100%
  • Through the Fourth Week of the Semester 50%
  • Through the Eighth Week of the Semester 25%
  • After the Eighth Week of the Semester -0-

*Refund schedule applies to tuition, room, board and residence life, student services, and unused course fees. Students who withdraw or are expelled from the institution may be required to have some or all of their financial aid returned to the various aid programs. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must notify the Registrar’s Office of their “intent to withdraw.” The amount of financial aid to be returned for the student will be calculated based on this date. Federal aid will be returned based on the amount of the semester the student has completed. State and institutional aid will be returned based on the refund percentage applied to the student’s institutional charges. See the Financial Aid Office for calculation.

Tuition Refunds

The first week of the semester ends at close of business on the third day of classes for the Fall semester and the fifth day of classes for the Spring semester. Weeks following are regular five-day business weeks. Other class schedule formats are prorated accordingly.

Room & Board Refunds

Room and board refunds will be made to students who have withdrawn from the University or have received an on-campus exemption. The refund is based on the tuition refund schedule listed above and is calculated from the established University occupancy date and the actual date of vacancy.

Orientation Fee

This fee is non-refundable

Other Fees

All other fees, including all unused course fees, are refundable based on the tuition refund schedule listed above.