Leave of Absence Policy

The Leave of Absence Policy applies to those students who wish to leave Vanguard University for a semester to participate in a study abroad program, internship, practicum, or due to circumstances beyond their control need time off (i.e., sickness, care of ill parent, etc.). This policy does not apply to those students who wish to attend another institution, or simply take a semester off. Leave of Absences are typically for one semester, but may be given for up to one academic year. To qualify, students must be in good academic standing, and apply in advance of the time period they wish to be on leave-of-absence. This is not intended for students wishing to withdraw during the current semester. Applications for Leave-of-Absence may be picked up in the Disability Services Office.

Medical/Compassionate Leave of Absence Policy

A medical/compassionate leave of absence request may be made in extraordinary cases in which serious illness or injury (medical) or other significant personal situation (compassionate) prevents a student from continuing his or her classes and incompletes or other arrangements with the instructors are not possible. Medical leave can be granted for up to two consecutive semesters due to documented physical or mental health difficulties. A request for a medical/compassionate leave of absence must be made with the Disability Services Office. A student may request and be considered for a medical leave of absence when extraordinary circumstances such as a serious illness or injury prevent the student from continuing classes. The medical leave of absence policy covers both physical health and mental health difficulties. A student may request and be considered for a compassion leave of absence when extraordinary reasons, not related to the student’s personal physical or mental health (for example, care of a seriously ill parent, child or spouse, or a death in the student’s immediate family) prevent the student from continuing in classes. Students taking medical/compassionate leave of absence are not regarded as having permanently withdrawn from the University and need not apply for readmission through the Admissions Office: however, students must be approved for fitness to return to campus through the Disability Services Office. Students will need to contact their own health insurance provider for details concerning the continuation of their insurance coverage. Any student granted a medical/compassionate leave during the first eight weeks for the semester will be dropped from any classes that the student is enrolled in. If the medical leave is granted after 20% of the semester the student may, with faculty approval, receive an Incomplete for one or more courses. If an Incomplete is not deemed appropriate, a grade of “W” will be issued. No refund of charges will be made for courses in which an Incomplete is given. No credit is earned for any course in which a “W” is issued. Refunds, if any, will be granted based upon the University’s refund policy. Incomplete work must be made up no later than six calendar weeks following the last day of the term (or other academic session). If this is not done, a grade of “W” will automatically be assigned. Extensions to the six-week limitation are made only with the approval of the Dean of the College and may not exceed the last day of the following semester. See the Student Disability Services Handbook for additional information.