Faculty & Staff Tuition Benefits

Full-time, benefited VUSC faculty and staff employees and their immediate, dependent family members (spouses and single dependent children) may be granted VUSC tuition benefits within the undergraduate programs.

  • Dependent children who get married remain eligible for tuition benefits up until the age of 24, provided they were single upon initially receiving student status at VUSC and that they maintain continuous enrollment.


  • 50% after six months of full-time VUSC employment
  • 75% after one year of full-time VUSC employment
  • 100% after two years of full-time VUSC employment

Rates for part-time benefited VUSC faculty and staff employees shall be pro-rated based upon the employee’s percentage of full-time equivalency.

In case eligibility is attained during a semester, tuition benefits for that semester will be pro-rated on the basis of time remaining in that semester.

Graduate Program Tuition Benefits

Full-time benefited faculty and staff taking courses within the graduate programs may be eligible for:

  • 100% tuition for the first course taken each semester
  • 75% for the second course taken each semester
  • Tuition benefits will not apply to any additional courses taken each semester.

Only the employee may receive tuition benefits in the graduate programs.*

*A dependent child or a spouse may receive benefits for the credential portion of the Graduate Education program.

The application for Tuition Benefits is available on the Financial Aid Forms page. Download the form and submit it to HR/Payroll for approval.