Financial Aid Calculator

Dear Borrower,

The Financial Aid Calculator is a tool to assist you in calculating the cost of attending Vanguard University and the amount you may want to borrow in a Federal PLUS Loan or Alternative/Private Loan. All of the figures below are based on the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Please contact our office at (714) 966-5490 if you are experiencing technical problems or have questions about the costs listed.

 Step 1. Estimated Costs for the Academic Year

 Tuition & Fees
 Please check Part-Time or Full-Time.

Number of Units  * $1250 per unit = $

Additional Units
(More than 18)
* $625 per unit = $

Room and Board
Meal Plan

Additional Fees
Wellness & Safety Fee
(Applied to All Students)

Fixed Fee: $70

TOTAL Cost Of Attendance:     $

 Step 2. Estimated Financial Aid Awards:

VU and Federal Scholarship and Grants
(i.e. academic scholarship, Cal Grant, etc.):


Outside Scholarships:


Federal Direct Loans:


Direct Parent Plus Loan:


Other Assistance (Payments, Private Loans, etc.):


TOTAL Financial Aid Awards: $

 Step 3. Estimated Balance:

Total Cost of Attendance
at Vanguard University (Step 1)
Total Financial Aid Awards (Step 2) - $
Amount you Expect to Contribute
to Applicant's Education
- $

AMOUNT you may want to borrow from the Federal PLUS Loan Program or Alternative/Private Loan program for the year = $


  • This Estimate is based on the 2014-2015 Academic Year Cost of Attendance.