Additional Financing Options

Payment Plans

Split your balance into 4 or 5 easy monthly payments through your MyBill account. For more information please contact your accounts receivable specialist in the Office of Accounting Operations.

Parent PLUS Loan Increase

If you are having trouble paying the remaining balance on your account, your parent can increase the loan amount on an approved Parent PLUS Loan application. Log on to and click the “increase an already approved Parent PLUS Loan Application” button. Please note that your parent will need to place the total amount that he/she would like to borrow and NOT the amount he/she would like to increase it by.

Apply for a Private Student Loan

Vanguard University has a list of various lenders that may offer options that fit your financial needs. These loans are credit based and may require a co-signer. Students are welcome to choose a lender from this list or research other private education loan lenders on their own. Vanguard accepts most lenders. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any further questions.