Join us for an interview and live Q and A with Eric Metaxas, Wednesday, November 12, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

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Eric Metaxas personifies the thoughtful Christian life. One of the things that we dream and hope for St. Andrew’s is that we are a place where there is high octane thinking with regards to a life with God. Eric’s new book, “Miracles” reengages a discussion that is often times in the back of our brains; do these things really happen? If so, how do they happen? What does it mean? Do we believe in them? Are we in an age of science now where you can know? Can you be an intelligent person and still believe in miracles? One of the basic operating systems of our faith is of the naturalist view or a materialist view of the universe versus a supernatural view of the universe. Is what you can taste and touch and smell and hold in your hands all that there is in this world or is there more to life than our senses can comprehend?

Eric is going to give us an understanding and defense, of the notion of miracles. This is geared toward anyone who wants to think deeply, critically and hopefully about the idea that miracles happen, that God is still at work in the world and that you’re not committing intellectual suicide if you believe in the supernatural.