What in the world is Synecdoche?

Synecdoche is Vanguard University’s undergraduate journal for creative writing and critical prose. The journal enjoys submissions from Vanguard University’s energetic student body and dedicated alumni. Synecdoche’s student editorial staff is overseen by a designated faculty member each year.

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So, what’s new with Synecdoche?

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Synecdoche is proud to present the 2013 literary journal. This is Vanguard’s 10th anniversary issue of Synecdoche, the seventh issue printed for public sale, and the third issue to include full-color photographs. All sales are non-profit and make the publication of Synecdoche possible each year.


Submit to Synecdoche!

The editorial staff accepts submissions for the spring editorial process and publication. Critical prose, fiction, poetry, and drama submissions are limited to 2,500 words (.docx attachment only). Multiple submissions from a single author are welcome, but please submit only one work per Word attachment (.docx format only – please do not send Adobe documents, Works documents, Notepad…). Photographs & artwork are welcome and must be submitted as .jpg attachments with title(s) of work(s).  Note: Artists must title their artwork at the time of submission. We do not accept “Instagram,” stock photos, and cell-phone pix.

Our Annual Deadline: February 1

Please submit your entry to synecdoche@vanguard.edu by February 1.

 2015  Synecdoche Awards

Artistic Award  –  Savannah Slater

Creative Award –  Tim Kam

Scholarly Award – Mayra Ramos

Synecdoche front cover 2015

 2014  Synecdoche Awards

Artistic Award  –  Meredith Howard

Creative Award –  Meredith Howard and Hayley Smith

Scholarly Award – Miranda Dupree




 2013 Synecdoche Awards

Artistic Award  –  Jessica Sanchez-Gonzalez

Creative Award –  Renee Goble

Scholarly Award – Jennifer Manning


 ©2013 Synecdoche

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